What is Spergo’s Net Worth? What Made the Clothing Line so Successful?


Spergo is a famous fashion brand. It is a clothing line based in Philadelphia. What’s so special about this clothing line is that the CEO of the company is only 15 years old. Trey Brown, the founder and CEO, started this company when he was just 12 years old. The brand debuted on an episode of Shark Tank. Trey Brown strikes a deal with fashion mogul Daymond John. The dedication of 15-year-old Trey Brown impressed the Sharks. So, what is Spergo’s net worth?

Daymond John, who is the founder and CEO of contemporary sportswear company FUBU, was so happy with Trey Brown and his mother that he decided to invest $300,000 in the company for 25% equity. However, a counter-offer from Brown was $300,000 for a 20% stake in the business. Spergo has received an increase in demand for the products since then. Trey Brown said they stayed up all night sorting out the order until 4 a.m.

Spergo at Shark Tank

What is Spergo’s net worth?

Spergo sales are projected at $2 million. Trey Brown discovered Spergo when he was 12 years old. He had $178 as birthday money. He used the money to open his business. Trey says he combined the words sports and heroes to form the word Spergo. He also explained why he added go at the end since his brand was for go-getters. In the first year after opening his business, he had sales of around $40,000. His sales were impressive. All was well until 2020 when Trey fell ill due to exhaustion from running business day and night. He was hospitalized and could not continue his activity at that time. After recovering, he went back to hard work. It was only a small obstacle for the ambitious and hardworking Brown.

Fast forward to 2021, Spergo’s sales hit $2 million. Appearing in Shark Tank made his company popular as his impressive pitch in the Shark Tank also impressed many celebrities. Trey is now receiving collaboration offers from many celebrities. Sean “Diddy” Combs offered him $25,000 to expand his business. This allowed Trey to open a warehouse and storefront for his company, Spergo. The NBA team Philadelphia 76ers also secured him a $200,000 deal to continue to grow his business and grow it further.

Trey Brown, 13 years old

How did Brown start his company?

The biggest help Trey received came from his mother, Sherell Peterson, who is a retired seamstress. She is currently COO of Spergo. Trey explained how he saw drugs and violence around him. His company, Spergo, promotes positivity. One of the famous sharks, Daymond Joh, said he could relate to his company. Brown has made clear her intentions to promote positivity and help her peers stay drug-free. When asked what he would do with the profits he received from his sales, Brown replied that he would reinvest them in the business. Trey Brown was an absolute hustler who also went door to door selling his clothes. John also said that Spergo is already a thriving business and is ready to set the market on fire.

One of his fellow Sharks, Mark Cuban, offered Brown $300,000 for a 25% stake in the company. Seeing this, John decided to make Trey an offer as well. When asked what he would do with the investment, Brown strategically replied that he wanted to hire new fashion designers for Spergo. He also wants to upgrade the start-up’s e-commerce technology. Production was also something Brown wanted to take care of with the investment he would get from the sharks.

As ambitious as Trey is, his goal is to become a billionaire by the age of 21. Hope he achieves his goal. Brown also talked about how Daymond John was his role model, and he used to bring his books and read them whenever he had time. Seeing her hard work, John was impressed. Trey Brown still couldn’t believe he was associating with Daymond John, who was an inspiration to him.

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