What Is Kristi Yamaguchi’s Net Worth?


Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi is not only a figure skater, but also an author, actress and sports analyst. And the reason why she opted for so many professions is that she took early retirement from skating. After retiring, Kristi became the star of the town. Everyone started wondering why she retired. Is it because it didn’t pay well to be a figure skater. What is Kristi Yamaguchi’s net worth? Well, it would be unfair to say that she didn’t earn enough as a skater.

As she is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, it becomes apparent that she earns enough to live a luxurious life. Also, coming to the earnings part, well, this is a frequently asked question by everyone including their fans. Let me tell you if you want to get all your questions answered like “what is Kristi Yamaguchi’s net worth” and “what has she achieved in her life so far”, you have come to the right place. Here, we will cover everything related to Kristi Yamaguchi’s professional life, her income, but also her personal life.


Kristi Yamaguchi was born on July 12, 1971 in Hayward, California. She grew up with her siblings named Brett and Lori in Fremont, California. And it was her childhood dream to become a figure skater. In order to undergo training for this, she started very early. Due to her background, Kristi was also homeschooled for two years. Besides that, she also attended Mission San Jose High School during her junior and senior years. Later, she took a psychology course at the University of Alberta. To be fully trained in skating, she also took ballet lessons during her school years. She finally started her professional career as a figure skater after the 1991-92 competitive season.

Coming now to the personal life of Kristi Yamaguchi, let me tell you that she got married to Bret Hedican, a professional hockey player, on July 8, 2000. Yes, you heard that right. The couple first met at the 1992 Winter Olympics. Moreover, the couple is also blessed with two beautiful daughters named Keara Kiyomi and Emma Yoshiko.

What is Kristi Yamaguchi’s net worth?

As mentioned earlier, in addition to being a skater, Kristi is also an actress, author, and sports analyst, which in turn earns her a lot of money and fame. So it is obvious that she earns a lot of money from all her professions. And according to the records, Kristi Yamaguchi net worth is around $8 million. Kristi also owned a summer home on Gull Lake in northern Minnesota.

Kristi Yamaguchi
Kristi Yamaguchi

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As you already know, she is also an author. In 2011, Yamaguchi released a children’s book named Dream Big, Little Pig with illustrator Tim Bowers. In addition, in women’s singles, Kristi is a two-time world champion at the Olympic Games, once in 1991 and the other in 1992. In addition, in 1992, Kristi became the first Asian American woman to win a gold medal in a winter Olympic competition.

Kristi Yamaguchi posing for a commercial
Kristi Yamaguchi posing got a milk ad.

Wait, that’s not the end of Kristi’s accomplishments. Let’s dig in. As a pair skater with Ruby Galindo, Kristi won the 1988 World Junior Championship. And later she also got a national championship twice, once in 1989 and another in 1990. To go further, in 2005, Kristi also started the United States Olympic Hall of Fame. Later, in 2008, she also became the celebrity champion by appearing in the sixth season of Dancing With the Stars.

Figure skating career

From the start of her life, Kristi knew she wanted to be a figure skater. As a child, she began physical therapy for her club feet. She was happiest when she was training. Kristi never stopped skating until she became a professional skater. At the age of 15, she won the United States Junior Championship title in 1986. This time, she captured thousands of hearts with her performance. After her first victory, she started to win many championships, and later in 1990 Kristi and her partner Ruby Galindo decided together to go further and start their professional career as a figure skater.

In addition, Kristi wanted to make her career as a skater. To further her career, she moved to Alberta in 1991. Later, in 1991, Kristi finally won the world championship. But the best is yet to come. You must be wondering what is next. Well, let me tell you, in 1992, Kristi won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in France, and that time she captured the hearts of millions of people. Later, she started getting so much publicity, which led to receiving so many offers to form the film industry. And finally, in 1994, Kristi made her first big screen debut with “You Must Remember This”.

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