What Is Jin Goo’s Net Worth? How Much Does The ‘Descendant Of The Sun’ Star Earn?


The hit series “Descendants Of The Sun” blessed us all in 2016 with an amazing cast and storyline. Apart from Song Joon Ki’s cute antics, another handsome guy in his military outfit has really caught the public’s attention. Jin Goo is one of the best actors in the Kdrama industry. Moreover, it is managed by Varo Entertainment. The actor has been in the industry for over two decades now. Additionally, Jin Goo is also known for picking up projects that require him to play complex characters. His filmography consists of him playing everything from a serial killer in the mystery thriller drama Truck to play the chef in The Big Chief 2: Battle of Kimchi.

Jin Goo has the ability to make every role he plays memorable, and he has received several awards for his talent. The actor won the 31st Golden Cinematography Awards for his moving performance in Epitaph, the 17th Korean Culture, and Entertainment Awards, the 5th University Film Festival Of Korea, the 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards, all for playing a supporting role in Mother. With such incredible success, fans are curious to know how much Jin Goo earns. In this article, we will tell you Jin Goo’s net worth and his greatest achievements.

What is Jin Goo’s net worth?

The talented actor, Jin Goo, was born in South Korea on July 20, 1980. His first step into the entertainment industry was with a small role in the 2003 kdrama ‘All-in‘. However, it was her role in the 2005 one-episode drama “Saya, Saya” that earned her critical acclaim and cemented her position as an incredible performer. The drama not only won several awards, but was also praised by the Prix Italia jury for showcasing the beauty and importance of love. Moreover, Jin Goo is also popular in Asian countries like Japan due to his portrayal of a handsome Korean language teacher, in the Japanese drama. Joshi Deka!. Jin Goo played the role of a hoodlum in the South Korean movie “Mother,” which was both a big hit at the box office and also left a big impact on the audience. The film sold over 808,898 tickets and played on 756 screens on its opening day. With one blockbuster after another, Jin Goo’s net worth continued to increase tenfold with each project. Currently, his net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Net worth of Jin Goo
Jin Goo cr: Varo Entertainment

The best works of Jin Goo

Although Jin Goo is best known for playing the brave and honorable Seo Dae Young in Kim Eun Sook’s drama Descendants Of The Sun. Hardcore Fans Know He Shines Brightest As Gwak Jin Bae In The Movie 26 years. The film’s plot revolves around real events surrounding the terrorizing Gwangju Massacre that took place in 1980 Korea. Filming for the film began in 2008, but production was halted due to investors pulling out, as the subject matter was considered politically controversial. However, Jin Goo was so passionate about the project that he stayed until production resumed in 2012.

Jin Goo cr: Varo Entertainment

He was also the only original cast member who still agreed to be part of the project. Another emotional project that Jin Goo gave us is 2013’s kdrama Advertising genius, Lee Tae Bak. In the drama, Jin Goo played the role of Lee Tae Bak, a man who belonged to the countryside and dreamed of making it big through his art. It’s the touching story of a man who had nothing but a high school diploma and became the best art director through hard work. Although he is known for playing mostly difficult roles, Jin Goo never shy away from portraying a romantic scene. His chemistry with his Descendants Of The Sun co-star Kim Ji Wo was off the charts. So much so that fans completely forgot he was married and even had two beautiful children.

Net worth of Jin Goo
Jin Goo cr: Varo Entertainment

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