What is Dakota Skye’s Net Worth? The Reasons Behind Her Tragic Death


What Was Dakota Skye’s Net Worth? Who was Dakota Skye? What happened to Dakota Skye? All questions will be answered here. Dakota Skye was her working name. Her real name was Lauren Kaye Scott. As a child, she wanted to become a marine scientist. Regardless of her dreams, she entered the adult industry. As soon as she entered this industry, she became famous. Although her body pleased her, she quickly became addicted.

There have been numerous criminal charges under Dakota Skye’s name. In 2017, she was arrested on a charge of violence. She punched her boyfriend, Robert Anderson. Later in 2019, she was arrested for drunk driving. Even in 2020, she was arrested for a misdemeanor. Later, all these charges were dropped. Even after a troubled past, she was one of the richest American pornographic actresses in Ohio.

Dakota Skye's net worth
Dakota Skye was arrested for hitting her boyfriend.

Private life

Dakota Skye is a pretty 27-year-old girl who has suffered a lot behind the camera. Apart from his drug addiction, Kota Skye’s childhood was also difficult. Dakota Skye came from a dysfunctional family and her alcoholic mother greatly affected her mental health. She grew up in an environment of physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse. As a result, she had low self-esteem and continued to color her hair as a child. His mother was also a drug addict. Her aunt describes her as the nicest girl. “She loved her family, much of her income used to help her mother and brother,” her aunt added.

Dakota Skye's net worth
dakota skye

Even after doing so much for her family, in 2019 her mother passed away due to drug and alcohol addiction. Later, in 2020, two of her grandparents and her dog passed away. She became homeless and struggled mentally. She used to say that she had been stalked by demons. His condition worsened. She also became a drug addict. Although she went to rehab six times, she couldn’t stay there for more than a few days. After becoming homeless, she wandered the streets for help. On the day of her death, she was found dead on a stranger’s couch. Another key point is due to Covid and Lockdown, many actors have lost a lot of work and wealth. Dakota Skye’s savings have all been used to either buy drugs or spend heavily.


Dakota Skye has made over 300 adult films. she had been nominated AVN’s 2015 Best New Starlet Award and the 2018 Favorite Female Performer Award. She has won many well-known awards in its industry. She started in this industry at 19 and quit in 2019.

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What is Dakota Skye’s net worth?

Dakota Skye’s net worth was about $1 million. Most of his income came from his work. And others could be through social media platforms. It is difficult to identify the exact amount because little information is provided. At 27, she is creating an identity for herself. His downfall was his addiction and his trauma. His drug use spiked after losing an industry award. As the dose increased, her attitude changed and she became more violent. She increased her dose of Xanax to 10-15 pills a day and also started smoking.

Dakota Skye's net worth
dakota skye

The actress faced many problems. Her co-stars revealed her drastic behavioral changes. One minute she was nice, the next second she was getting violent. “The demons are following me and trying to end my life,” Dakota Skye told one of her co-stars. “She threatened me with a knife,” Dakota Skye’s husband said. He also added, “there was a time when she flew to Paris to shoot a sex tape with a stranger and started acting like a victim.” The actress thought she was being harassed or hurt. Her mental health kept deteriorating to the point where she lost all her money. She became homeless and died due to an overdose. On June 9, 2021, news of his death surfaced on social media. After that, people became aware of his condition and his struggles.

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