What is Clone X NFT?


With a volume of 30 days ahead of CryptoPunks, Clone X has quickly found its way into the “blue-chip” NFT category. Today we dive into RTFKT Studios, Clone X and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.


What is clone X? RTFKT & Takashi Murakami Where and how to buy?

What is clone X?

Clone X NFT is a 20K collection created by RTFKT & Takashi Murakami on the Ethereum blockchain. Clone X, released on 11/18/21, became available exclusively to those who had another RTFKT NFT at the time. With every qualified NFT you had, you could mint up to 2 Clone X avatars for just 0.05 ETH. After the presale was completed, they attempted a Dutch auction starting at 3ETH. However, after attacks, they ended up with a flat coin price of 2 ETH and sold out quickly.

The only other way to enter the presale was to hold a Metakey Edition Two, which counted for one $0.05 coin. At the time of launch, RTFKT had over 2,500 NFTs to qualify, but only about 6% were up for sale at the time. All of this seemed like a clear sign of how strong the community was and what could potentially happen with the Clone X project.

With a collection count of 20k, they are one of the higher collection counts on the market. Even with the higher amount available to collectors, Clone X has found an impressive floor of 14ETH at the time of publication.

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Clone X and its creators strive to transform all human consciousness into advanced clone forms and let them create the ultimate Metaverse. In their Metaverse, people no longer live in organic form, but are represented by their digital Clone X avatar.

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RTFKT & Takashi Murakami

RTKFT (pronounced Artifact) is the company behind these clones and other sought-after NFTs on the market. Their plan is to have next-gen sneakers/collectable NFTs while building the ultimate Metaverse. This included involving one of the most recognized artists in the world; Takashi Murakami. With previous drops of digital sneakers and great collaborations, this one went over the edge when they brought in Takashi.

The Japanese artist is one of the most decorated artists in the world and his physical works of art have been sought after by high-end collectors for quite some time. His style is very outspoken, loud and colorful. You may even recognize his work from one of the most popular albums ever made, by one of the most popular music artists today.

Where and how to buy?

As mentioned above, all 20K Clone X is minted. You now need to enter the secondary market to secure yours. This is the same for any other RTFKT NFT, they will all be available through the secondary market until they have a new NFT drop.

Clone X has a floor of 14 ETH and you can find their OpenSea page here. Understandably, 14 ETH can be quite steep for a project entry, but their holders are betting on the RTFKT team and their plan to become the “Supreme” brand of the Metaverse.

Maybe all these Clone Xs can meet and become Metamates in the Meta with Zuck

Be sure to follow all the latest news from RTFKT and Clone X via their Twitter and Discord.

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