Watch Van Jefferson learn from Rams that his wife was in labor during the Super Bowl postgame


Sunday was a big day for Van Jefferson and family.

Sunday was a big day for Van Jefferson and family.
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In the wake of the Super Bowl filled with stories from OBJ’s unlikely comeback, to Eric Weddle’s retiring, to discussions over whether Joe Burrow would return, there has been a salutary moment that has captured the attention of football fans across the world. nationwide: the story of Van Jefferson’s wife who gives birth to the couple’s second child just after the match ends.

The Rams wide receiver provided four receptions for 23 yards to help his team overcome the Bengals in a fourth quarter drive and win Super Bowl LVI 23-20 on Sunday. His wife, Samaria, gave birth during the Super Bowl and had to be transported from SoFi Stadium on a stretcher.

In a story that spread in bits and pieces through news outlets and social media, Jefferson reportedly grabbed his two young children and rushed out of the stadium to meet Samaria at the hospital, forgoing celebrations with his team.

in a new one Inside the NFL In the video we get to see the moment when a staffer tells Jefferson that his wife has given birth – his eyes widen and he squats back to the children to tell them, “Mommy’s finna has a baby. Mama’s finna has your brother. We have to go to the hospital, we have to be quick.”

Jefferson’s five-year-old daughter Bella replies, “Why do we have to go fast, Daddy?” (I mean, after all, they won the Super Bowl. I’d want to stay and join the party too if I were her.)

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet and need a smile today, go ahead and take a look. It’s absolutely adorable, and the 25-year-old Super Bowl champion made it to the hospital that night to greet his newborn son. Days really don’t get much better than that.

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