Was that a bowling toy on the table in Book of Boba Fett?


Sharp observers may have seen something from on the digital notepad used by Mok Shaiz’ majordomo in last week’s final of Boba Fett’s book† As indicated by Mike Mika on Twitterinstead of the hi-tech instrument you’d expect, actor David Pasquesi’s gag resembles a Coleco Bowlaltronic table-top toy from the 1980s.

Boba Fett thus continuing Star Wars’ proud tradition of repurposing common household items as sci-fi gadgets in its galaxy far, far away. Perhaps the most famous example crops up in Episode V, when an extra is seen in the background of Cloud City with what appears to be a household ice cream maker. Since this is Star Wars, the backing character ended up getting quite a backstory, while the prop itself is now included in Star Wars canon as a camtono security container.

Oh, and did I mention that some fans like to run through Star Wars Celebration? with their own ice machines as a tribute to the character? Because they do.

There are countless examples like this one from all over Star Wars. Boston Dynamics Spot Robots as well as a simple torch appeared in an earlier episode of Boba Fettwhile Liam Neeson’s Qui-Gon Jinn resembled a Gillette razor as a means of communication in Episode I† For a look at the components that fit into more unique props like Han Solo’s famous blaster, I highly recommend this old video from Tested.com.

It just goes to show how alien ordinary items can appear with the slightest modification and when placed in the hands of a capable actor.

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