Voice Actress Aimi To Go On Hiatus? What Is The Reason?


There have been instances where many famous actors have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or with another serious illness. They take breaks and/or pauses before full recovery. Fans are concerned for all of these actors and have urged them to be careful. Despite prayers and blessings, these cases do not seem to be decreasing at all. One of these famous actresses, Aimi, will be on hiatus to regain her health. She will return to work after a break. What exactly happened to him? Here’s what we know.

Although she had been aiming to become a singer since childhood, Aimi has voiced several well-known roles such as Kasumi Toyama in BanG Dream!, Julia in The [email protected] Million Live! game, Kyoko Yamate in D4DJ First Mix and Yuri Amagake in Battle Game in 5 Seconds. Born on December 25, 1991, Aimi’s full name is Aimi Terakawa. She is also in touch with singing and is a successful singer from Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture.

Will voice actress Aimi take a break?

Voice actress Aimi Terakawa recently announced her hiatus from work for about two months. The reason for this is that Aimi has been diagnosed with an unspecified chronic illness for which she will be excused from (one of) her job which is scheduled from March 1 to April 30. The voice actress will devote time to recover quickly, and also treat the disease properly. Breaking the news to her fans herself, Aimi will see fans in May.

She wrote on her Twitter account about the illness and how she will be focusing on her chronic condition, for the time being, that is for the two months. She apologized for the inconvenience received and convinced fans that she would be back in May. Hoping that she recovers well and quickly, wish her a full recovery.

Will voice actress Aimi take a break?  What is the reason?
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Aimi’s Notable Works

The items mentioned above were some of Aimi’s notable works. And here are some of his songs that many fans like “How a Realist Hero’s Kingdom Reconstruction”. Ending Theme “Kazania”, The Severing Crime Edge Opening Theme “Cage of Fate”, FAIRY TAIL “Oda Shina’s Ambition” Opening Theme “Link” “Shina Oda’s Ambition” and many more.

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