Van Der Valk Filming Location: All About The Thrilling Spots


The entertainment industry runs on restart and high octane fuels these days. It’s been a decade since there’s only one audience. We’ve all seen reboots and remakes with an increased production cost. It didn’t matter whether the content of the show or movies was repeated or not. Many resurfaced well and many faced a failed public reaction. In 2020, we saw Van Der Valk once again return to our screens with his detective skills and street smarts to solve exciting cases. Van Der Valk in 2020 was one of the best reboots we’ve ever seen. The audience or rather the fans were really happy and enthralled with how the show was brought back by ITV with modern quirks. Plus, the production was flawless and largely shot well. People were so adamant about the show that many asked the question; Where was Van Der Valk filmed?

Marc Warren in Van der Valk
Marc Warren in Van der Valk

The previous version of Van Der Valk was released in 1972. The old version had Barry Foster in the lead and in the reboot, Marc Warren plays the lead role. Moreover, the thrilling reboot was announced in English due to the worldwide distribution of the show. The creators wanted the Dutch origin of the show to be intact through the locations and setting, but wanted the show to be in a universal language to meet the needs of the world.

The plot details

The reboot plot is no different from the original. The language is the only change according to the concept of the show. But the show is often confused with daily primetime shows that feature crime cases. The reboot plays out like a crime thriller. Each episode is supposed to have different cases. And the show centers around smart street investigator Piet Van Der Valk played by Marc Warren. Van Der Valk is a smart and talkative investigator, who solves exciting cases with his brilliance. The theme and concept of the show is very suitable for people who love mysteries, thrillers and action. But also the genre is purely a detective adventure genre, which is one of the best genres that will appeal to the majority.

    Van der Valk
A picture of Van Der Valk

Although the show is in English, the show has an enigma of the Dutch region. The origin of the previous version of the show revolves around Piet and his fascinating personality. This version also depends on the genius of Piet, but unlike the previous one, this version also takes into account the importance of the other parts of the show. The other characters in the series are just as important and valuable as needed.

Van der Valk is full of these emphatic and thrilling case-solving sequences. The brilliance of the investigation team is brilliant to watch. For the three-episode season. The show aired on January 1, 2020. The weird and unique cases have their vibe, the cases are very interesting, and the way or the process after the cases are solved is the most important aspect of the show.

Where is Van Der Valk filmed?

The directors stuck to the original idea of ​​filming the entire series in Amsterdam, and by default, Van Der Valk was added to the top list of films that were shot there. Amsterdam is an iconic city with iconic places. There were therefore no such corners of this city left where the scene had not been shot. The Rijksmuseum, the Amsterdam Canal Belt and the NDSM quay are some of the places that are easy to spot by looking at it. The beauty of Amsterdam is beautifully framed throughout all three episodes. And the production was well done and executed. The city aesthetic complemented the theme of the show as well as the sequences that involved the naturalness of the background.

Amsterdam canals

The location was well liked after the show came out and the appreciation is what kept the show afloat. The show is critically acclaimed and the production process has also been well recognized by the industry after the release of the show. Van Der Valk is interestingly shot with a theme and tone from the previous edition and it helped the original fans feel nostalgic and enjoy the new version of their favorite show.

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