Uncharted 3 Ending Explained: Did Nathan Defeat Katherine?


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a very engaging game from 2011 with an amazing story but a bit convoluted too. Uncharted 3 has an ending that requires discussion. If you’ve played the game, you must have noticed the complexity of the game’s plot, and the Uncharted series ending never fails to raise questions like what’s going on. So, yes, it’s a very interesting series. So here in this blog we will be looking at the events that happened around the end of Uncharted 3.

Moreover, the game was developed by Naughty Dog and the publishers of the game are Sony Computer Entertainment. Moreover, it is an action-adventure game available in single and multiplayer mode. Along with several positive comments, there were also negative comments. People loved previous versions more than Uncharted 3. But why? Will you feel the same? Let’s start with history to find out.

Has Katherine succeeded in her intentions?

Nathan, the protagonist, walks into a bar with his friend, Victor, to meet Talbot regarding some sort of affair. Talbot wanted the ring Nathan used to wear around his neck. But as Nathan finds out all the money was fake, he takes his ring back. But soon, Talbot’s men interrupt and a fight begins. Charlie, one of Talbot’s employees, shoots Victor and Nathan, and Katherine takes this ring with her. Katherine is also one of Talbot’s employees who is blindly behind this ring. Twenty years earlier, Nathan was a child, and the story begins with how Nathan got the ring from his ancestor, Francis Drake.

Also, how he met Victor and how he always kept the ring with him. Back in the present, Nathan and Victor are still alive because Charlies was secretly working for Nathan, so he shoots in such a way that both men remain unharmed. Just then, Chloe arrives with a truck and takes the men to where Katherine went with the ring. There they saw that Katherine discovered that the ring was fake and she left the place with her people. After that, Nathan and his friends investigate the area. After investigation, Nathan and Victor travel to France, where they find half an amulet.

Uncharted 3 ending explained
Still from Uncharted 3

But, Talbot takes it away. Katherine and Talbot’s people follow Nathan and the team everywhere. Well, Chloe and Charlie leave the mission in the meantime because they are injured. Here comes Elena, wife of Nathan, and the mission continues despite Elena’s wish. Talbot drugs Nathan and catches him, but he controls himself and tries to escape but to no avail. Eventually, they take him on a plane, but Nathan gets involved in a dangerous fight. As a result, the plane begins to burn and Nathan falls from it. But, he lands safely. As you know, deserts have no water so he was looking for it.

Uncharted 3 ending explained

Hours passed, Nathan was starting to get dehydrated, but a man helped him. Salim, the man who helped, tells the story of the lost city where Katherine wants to reach, and that was the reason for all the havoc. He says Katherine shouldn’t make it because there’s a jinn that’s locked away, and if they release that jinn, then it’s all over, over and destroyed. Nathan, Salim, and Victor leave the scene and arrive in the Lost City, and Katherine arrives there as well. Nathan stops Katherine by releasing the djinn. The situation was so difficult and critical that the outcome of the fight was destructive. The whole Lost City has started to sink into the sand. Katherine was also sinking. Nathan tried to help her, but she and Nathan’s ring sank.

Uncharted 3 ending explained
Uncharted Ending 3

What is our opinion on the plot and the ending. Katherine was mean. She thought she could rule the world and get treasure if she could solve and get the mysterious powers of the lost city. She was blindly behind Nathan as Nathan investigated everything perfectly. The struggle between the two groups has been intense throughout history. But what was the result? The result was none other than family. Victor advises Nathan to live a happy married life with Elena.

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