Ueda Toshiya Passed Away at 88: Tribute with 5 Most Renowned Roles


Ueda Toshiya passed away at the age of 88 after doing a lot of good work. It’s time to remember this wonderful artist while acknowledging some of his renowned works. An anime lover can understand the happiness he feels when he sees his favorite anime character playing on the screen. The character feels alive after gaining voice from many diligent voice artists. They work while expending their blood, sweat, and tears just to make the character feel more alive to the audience. This character is gradually becoming an important part of our lives and if they die in the series it really hurts. But it can’t be compared to the pain otaku feel when a real voice behind their favorite character dies.

Ueda Toshiya was a well-known voice artist who gave voice to many well-known anime. All of these anime series include the characters from classic and old anime series. You will be able to see his remarkable work from the 1960s. Not only in normal anime series, but he also gave his voice in OVAs, theatrical animes, video games, voice acting in live actions, tokusatsu, etc From his debut in 1965 to his final work in 2011, he had a remarkable journey that will bring him alive every time these characters appear on screens.

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About Ueda Toshiya

In 1933, on February 24, the great voice artist Ueda Toshiya was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Growing up in his homeland, young Ueda was unaware that one day he would become a legendary voice artist that everyone will remember. He has indicated in his particular skills that he is very capable of speaking English and this is reflected in his work. Ueda worked for 81 Produce, a talent management company based in Japan. His 46-year long career and dedication to his works have won him a host of fans. Sadly, these fans have to put up with this sad news and they weren’t able to pay their respects at his funeral. Talent agency 81 Produce has announced their heartbreaking news that Ueda Toshiya passed away on February 8, 2022 at the age of 88.

The reasons for the death are still unknown as none of the family member agency authorities have shared any words about it. All of the family members decided to hold a small funeral, which made fans more sad as they are not allowed to pay final respects. Ueda’s family and only a few relatives were there to attend the funeral according to the family’s wish. All the fans are in grief and send their prayers for the peace of the deceased soul.

Ueda Toshiya has died aged 88
Ueda Toshiya

Ueda Toshiya dies at 88: Tribute to 5 most famous roles

Since it’s time to pay homage to this wondrous soul and talented voice artist, we’re going to remember some of his greatest works of all time. Early in his career, he landed a few small roles in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, City Hunter, Dirty Pair, Lupine III: Part II, Master Keaton, Golgo 13, Bonobono and Gatchaman. Even it was only for an episode in which we also worked A piece and gave her voice to Nefertari Cobra. He also provided his voice in local network programs NHK and TBS. Apart from the animes, he provided his voice in the voice acting role of Itzhak Stern in the live-action film Schindler. He has a long list of works which are all renowned in some sense, but among these are his five works which always stand out when it comes to Ueda Toshiya.

Ueda Toshiya has died aged 88
Roles played by Ueda Toshiya

These super popular works by Ueda Toshiya include his starring roles in some of the most famous anime series. He played the role of vilk in the animated series “Promised Neverland”, Grandpa Tommy in “Prince Mackaroo”. Then, we have Georges Lazare from “Vampire Wars”, Kakugen Yokoyama in “Kennel Tokorozawa” and Noriaki Watanabe from “Midoriyama Koko Koshien-hen”. Apart from these great roles, he also played major roles in the anime series like Riki-Oh: Tokatsu Jigoku and Akai Hayat. You might also hear it in old classics like Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon.

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