Twitter’s Thursday issues appear to have been resolved


Twitter is having a rough February. After some problems last Friday, the social network also had some problems on Thursday. It doesn’t appear to be a complete glitch, but there were a handful of minor issues.

I was having trouble loading tweets on profiles in my browser. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong wrote a couple issuesbut said Twitter made a change to soften things† To search “twitter down” on Twitter showed that a number of people are experiencing problems, although there are now far fewer than there were. and a few roadside employees noticed problems.

Downdetector showed a spike in user reports of problems, but the number of reports seems to have dropped drastically. Screenshots of the outage map taken one hour apart indicate that trouble may have been worst for those near New York City and Washington, DC.

Downdetector failure map as of 11:51 AM ET.
Screenshot by Jay Peters

And from 9:52 AM ET.
Screenshot by Jay Peters

Despite our feelings that something was not right, Twitter’s status page showed that all systems were up and running. When reached for comment, Twitter said it was investigating what might be going on.

Update February 17, 1:02 PM ET: The problems seem to have been resolved.

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