Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6: Release Date & Recap


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 will be released this weekend and things are looking up. As we see the current life of Hee Do and his daughter Min Chae, we will soon meet Yi Jin as well. Asking how Yi Jin was doing, Min Chae reminded her grandmother of the man Hee Do spent most of her time with. And it was only thanks to his daughter that Yi Jin was able to get some help to start over. Sitting with Hee Do, Jae Kyung showed him the picture the kids clicked at Seung Wan’s as they all ate together. And with that began another flashback.

Standing in front of Seung Wan’s house, Yi Jin, Hee Do, Yu Rim, and Ji Woong saw each other. As the five looked at each other, a scream came from the house. Running inside, they all saw live fish on the ground. They then helped Seung Wan’s mother clean up. Happy with everyone, Seung Wan’s mother treated everyone to lunch for the help they all gave. As they all ate, Yu Rim learned that Seung Wan and Ji Woong had been friends for a long time because of their mothers. Watching Ji Woong talk casually with Yi Jin, Seung Wan told him to respect him as he was their senior.

twenty-five twenty-one episode 6
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twenty-five twenty-one recap

When Yu Rim learned that Hee Do put drinks in her locker, she continued to confront him about it. She told him to stop loving her and returned the glass to him. Practicing the dance with Ji Woong, she told him about the conversation she had with her. Learning that she would be out of school because of her match, Ji Woong then gave Yu Rim himself a drink and told him that Hee Do was doing him a favor. As the two promised each other to wait, inevitable things happened between them. Leading Ji Woong to ignore Yu Rim upon his return.

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On another side. Chan Mi then put on the gear and had a practice match with Hee Do. Telling her not to think about losing and trusting each other, Chan Mi shook her hand. Feeling honored, Hee Do sat down on the couch to rest. But seeing Yi Jin waiting outside her window, she let him into the practice room. As the two sat down, she showed him her uniform and gear. He asked her a lot of questions about fencing and things she would like. Observing her curiosity, she let Yi Jin wear the extra fencing gear. Getting in the mood to practice, Hee Do continued to practice with Yi Jin. Failing to hit her once, Yi Jin continued to distract Hee Do with Full House. Talking back to her, Yi Jin sat down laughing as Hee Do jumped up in frustration.

twenty-five twenty-one episode 6
A photo of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 Release Date and What to Expect?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6 will be released on February 27, 2022. With the IMF crisis hitting the country, many university students took a leave of absence from college as they were unable to pay for their education. Upon hearing the news, Jae Kyung told his boss to let the students apply for the journalist position. Wanting to help Yi Jin, Hee Do referred him to his mother’s office as a reporter. With Yi Jin finally getting a chance thanks to his broadcasting experience, things take a turn for him. Meeting his father a few nights ago also helped him get closer to Hee Do. As she gives him hope to do better things, he even attended the Hee Do tryout match. While she has sworn to give her best and be selected for the national team.

Where to watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 6?

Episode 6 of Twenty-Five Twenty-One will be available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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