Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5: Release Date & Recap


Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5 will hit TV screens this weekend. And the chemistry between Hee Do and Yi Jin is remarkable. But things weren’t easy for either of them. Looking at his idol filled with ignorance, Hee Do is no longer a fan of Yu Rim. Determined to make the national team, Hee Do and coach Chan Mi are ready to train together. From waking up early in the morning to practicing to complete all the tasks given to him. Hearing that Hee Do wants to qualify for the team with the first rank, she also continued to train with her.

But the two were interrupted by his eldest. Looking at senior bully Yu Rim, Hee Do stepped in. Watching Yu Rim bow down to the bully, Hee Do asked her why she did that. Calling her an average fencer, Yu Rim told her not to waste her life. But later that night, when Chan Mi saw Yu Rim cleaning the floor, the fencer told her everything. The next day, Chan Mi told Hee Do to prepare for what was to come. So, while the seniors were ready to take down Hee Do, she was also not ready to protect herself. Apologizing to her senior, she asked everyone to train with her at night.

twenty five twenty one episode 5
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Twenty-Five Twenty-One Recap: Time brings opportunities to Hee Do…

Removing every piece of Yu Rim she had in her room, Hee Do then threw away every photo or poster she had of her. But what she doesn’t know is that the person she talks to on the internet and trusts is none other than Yu Rim herself. And on the other side, while she hates Hee Do in her real life, Hee Do is Yu Rim’s only internet friend that she shares everything with. Repeating the previous night’s event, Hee Do kept his distance from Yu Rim. Spotting Ji Woong in the hallway, she asked him to teach her the dance. In exchange for the dance lesson, he asked her to put a drink in Yu Rim’s locker.

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Upon meeting his aunt, Yi Jin learned that he still had his car. Appearing for a job interview, he met a family friend at the office but wasn’t exactly happy. Not having finished the interview, he returned home slightly drunk. Watching Hee Do come towards him, he told her about the day he had had. Sitting down with him, she tells him not to comfort her. The two talked about their life which turned into tragedy and comedy. While Hee Do was talking, Yi Jin soon fell asleep on the doorstep. And the next morning, the whole neighborhood knew that Yi Jin had failed the interview. Seung Wan got up early to take a shower and not bother Yi Jin anymore. Talking to Yi Jin as she mentioned Hee Do, he told her not to talk about her as he was angry.

twenty five twenty one episode 5
A photo of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5 Release Date and What to Expect?

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5 will be released on February 26, 2022. Back at her locker, Hee Do found the umbrella she gave to Yu Rim anonymously that said. And on the locker, there was also a note saying “let’s go get some gold” by Yu Rim. So Yu Rim and Hee Do prepare for the National Team Trials. Times like standing together outside of class to catch the bus. While Hee Do was on the road, the guy she hit with the umbrella during the gang fight spotted her. As she ran away with the guys chasing her, Yi Jin came to her rescue with his car. As the two stopped, he asked her to apologize to him for what she had done. As the two walked home laughing, Yu Rim wasn’t happy that the two were getting closer.

Where to watch Twenty-Five Twenty-One Episode 5?

Episode 5 of Twenty-Five Twenty-One will be available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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