‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Episode 3: Release Date & Recap


After an incredible start, everyone is waiting for episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”. After finding her mother’s diary, Min Chae spent the night reading about her mother. Talking with her grandmother the next day, she asked her everything she remembered, including the gold ring that Hee Do accused her mother of selling when she was in school. Smiling at the question, Hee Do’s mother told Min Chae that she still had the rings and even showed them to her. When Min Chae received a text from her mother, she showed her the gold ring she was wearing. And as Min Chae and her grandmother went out on a sunny day, we flashed back to the era of 1998.

Yi Jin was on her cycle dropping off some newspapers when he heard Hee Do happily shouting that she had transferred to Tae Yan High School. Congratulating her, he continued his work. Dropping Hee Do at the new school, the two sat down in the staff room for the presentation. As the teachers enjoyed and fangirled around her mother, Hee Do ran off to the bathroom. Wandering the halls, she overheard a girl confessing to a boy and overheard her being rejected. Entering a coeducational school for the first time was going to be an absolute journey for her.

A still from Episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”

“Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” Recap: The New Day at the New School…

Introducing herself to the new class and taking the last bench, she was approached by the same boy from the stairs. He asked her if she was friends with Yu Rim as he liked her very much. Telling her that she is a bigger fan than him, as the two were talking, the class president came looking for her. As the two were touring the campus, Hee Do already knew his way around the building. Running to the gym, she was finally introduced to the fencing team but continued to wait for the Kim Yu Rim. And finally, seeing her in front of her, Hee Do’s was stunned. As the coach asked Yu Rim to participate in match practice, Hee Do introduced himself to Yu Rim.

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Putting Yu Rim and Hee Do against each other for a match, the coach told Hee Do that she would return her shoes to him if she won the match. As the girls started to warm up, Hee Do still had a hard time believing she was in the same room as Yu Rim. Upon meeting her in the locker room, Hee Do asked Yu Rim about her ankle and told her that she was a fan and wanted to be like her. But Yu Rim’s response was not what Hee Do expected. Calling Hee Do stupid, Yu Rim went on to say that she was nothing special and was only there to get more funding from the school budget. In disbelief, as she asked if she had done something wrong, Yu Rim told her that she was nothing in the small fencing community.

A still from Episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”

‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Episode 3 Release Date and Preview

Episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” will be released on February 19, 2022. Upon getting to know the new school, Hee Do learned that Yi Jin was a former student of the school. She went to see him after school to tell him about his radio show and give him the comic book money. But watching two men interrogate Yi Jin about her father and crying over her debt, she didn’t know what to do. As things have calmed down a bit, Hee Do and Yi Jin head to their school to reminisce about his old memories. After spending another evening together, the two ended up getting a bit closer when Yi Jin told Hee Do that he reminded her of her when he was 18.

Where to watch episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”?

Episode 3 of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” will be available on Netflix.

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