tvN Drama ‘Kill Heel’ Premiere Postponed due to COVID at Filming Set


The broadcast of the premiere of Korean tvN drama “Kill Heel” has stopped due to the coronavirus outbreak at the filming location. Therefore, the premiere of “Kill Heel” has been postponed for two weeks from the original air date. The pilot episode “Kill Heel” was scheduled to air on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 before the postponement. Representatives from the filming site have confirmed that they are changing the schedule to begin re-filming in a “more stable production environment”. Meanwhile, the three main cast members of “Kill Heel” – Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, and Kim Sung Ryung have been confirmed to have tested negative for the coronavirus.

The pilot episode of tvN’s drama Kill Heel was previously scheduled to air on March 9 (Wednesday) and air every Wednesday and Thursday until the final episode on April 22, 2022. However, due to the Corona Virus outbreak in the shooting together, the premiere of “Kill Heel” has been postponed to March 9, 2022 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Plot of tvN drama ‘Kill Heel’

The 2022 upcoming tvN drama “Kill Heel” is based on the struggle for power, ambition and desires of three fiercely competitive women in the UNI home shopping industry. The main characters of the show are Woohyun (played by Kim Ha Neul), Ki Mo Ran (played by Lee Hye Young), and Bae Ok Seon (played by Kim Sung Ryung). Some of the other confirmed characters are Joon Beom (played by Jung Eui Jae), Woo sung (played by Moon Ji In), and Eo Jin (So ​​Eun Park).

kill the heel first
kill heel poster

TVN’s “Kill Heel” is directed by No Do Cheol, who previously directed two seasons of the thriller series Partners for Justice (starring Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Jae Young) and MBC General Hospital (starring famed Cha Tae Hyun). The show’s writers are Shin Kwang Ho (writer of another female-centric show, “Detectives of Seonam Girls’ High School”) and Lee Chun Woo.

kill the heel first
Reading the “Kill Heel” scenario

Not much about the plot has yet been revealed, but with the star-studded cast of stellar actors and actresses, this female-centric TV series with a bizarre plot should be on your to-watch list, if you haven’t already! Hopefully the behind-the-scenes photos and footage from the Kill Heel script reading will calm your anticipation for now.

kill the heel first
Behind the scenes of “Kill Heel”

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Director No Do Cheol on tvN ‘Kill Heel’

The director of drama “Kill Heel” assured eager viewers that the show would be very different from other female-centric dramas and portray the dynamics more realistically. “There is no strong polarity, no black and white, on the contrary the boundaries between good and evil are blurred and the characters are not afraid to cross said boundaries. The director further reveals that he was drawn to the proposed storyline because writer Shin Kwang Ho had a charming idea of ​​how human desires can turn situations upside down.

tvN Episode 1 ‘Kill Heel’ Release Date

“Kill Heel” will premiere on Thursday, March 9, 2022. It will first air on Korean TV channel tVN at 10:30 p.m. KST. That is, 7:00 p.m. IST, 11:30 p.m. AEST, and 8:30 a.m. EST. It will replace the tvN show “Work Later, Drink Now”. “Kill Heel” will have 16 episodes in total and will end airing on April 28, 2022. You can watch “Kill Heel” episodes after they air in South Korea on Rakuten Viki here.

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