Top K-pop Idols Who Can Have A Successful Solo Career


It is only natural that K-pop idols are known for a particular skill, and similarly the company they train under assigns members of a group different roles in which they excel and also who suit them. In most cases, the members are placed in the rap line, dance line, or vocal line, with one of them being the visual, center, and face of the group. However, some of the most successful Korean bands have versatile K-pop idols who are versatile and proficient in not one but many areas of music, be it singing, rapping or dancing. ! Therefore, if or when they decide to shape their solo career, chances are it will be successful!

Here are the top eight K-pop idols who can have a successful solo career due to their immense popularity and talent! The list includes K-pop idols who have yet to debut a solo album that would give them the spotlight they deserve. Let’s start!

8. Taeyong (NCT)

The leader of NCT U and NCT 127, Taeyong is a complete set of exceptional skills! He’s the center and face of the band, their lead rapper, lead dancer and visual and happens to have an amazing songwriting talent! He has co-written over forty songs in four different languages, which have been released for various NCT units or his solo career. Taeyong has a huge fan base in South Korea despite his involvement in several controversies. Some of the reactions from choreographers and music coaches on YouTube to his performance videos show how impressed people are after seeing him perform! With his expected skills and the support of his fans, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to go fully solo!


7. Trademark (NCT)

Besides being a member of boy group NCT and its sub-units, NCT Dream and NCT 127, Mark is part of the collaborative supergroup SuperM with renowned artists like SHINee and EXO. He was only twenty years old when he took the leap! A wonderful singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer and entertainer by profession, Mark is someone who is adored by everyone he works with. He is incredibly passionate about music and as a jack-of-all-trades he can produce his music entirely on his own! He is known for his unparalleled work ethic and no matter the situation, he always remains optimistic.

NCT – Brand

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6. Yena (IZ*ONE)

Yena is one of the most versatile and versatile K-pop idols of recent times, with incredible singing and rapping skills. Her dance moves are also very attractive and have a charismatic aura on stage with performances! Her voice is very stable compared to most female K-pop idols her age. She’s still young, so she hasn’t discovered her full potential yet, but even at this age, she’s smashing it, isn’t she! Yena is going to make her acting debut this year with the show’s second season, “The World of My 17 Years” as one of the protagonists, which, of course, will increase her popularity even more. If she decides to pursue a solo career, she has a good chance of succeeding!

Top 8 K-pop Idols Who Can Have A Successful Solo Career - Yena
IZ*ONE – Yena

5. Yeeun (CLC)

CLC’s Yeeun has a lot of potential to be a successful solo artist because not only is she talented, but she also has the support of the public. Since her debut, she has been a rap ace and is currently one of the top female rappers in K-pop. She’s written nearly every rap verse for the group since their debut, and with the fury with which she performs, she can be called a “rap goddess.”

Top 8 K-pop Idols Who Can Have A Successful Solo Career - Yeeun
CLC – Yeun

In addition, she can also sing, dance and play the bongo! She also speaks Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, and English, which makes her popular among international fans as well, especially in Japan. In fact, she is the one who speaks the most on behalf of her team members when promoting CLC. The 23-year-old K-pop idol is gearing up for her acting debut this year with the web series “Tastes of Horror.”

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4. Yeon Jun (TXT)

TXT is one of the most popular fourth-generation K-pop groups and the second boy group to debut under BigHit Entertainment. While each member of the group is known for their distinct talents, Yeonjun is probably the only one who ranked first in each skill when he was a BigHit trainee for five years prior to his debut. It’s already a feat for a singer to be able to rap so well and vice versa, but this guy even excels in dancing!

TXT – Yeonjun

His eye-catching visuals and charming expressions help make him one of the best performers on stage. Yeonjun is also a model who walked the runway for New York Fashion Week 2021! Dubbed a 4th generation IT boy, Yeonjun is versatile and one of the most beloved versatile K-pop idols. He is already famous enough to embark on a solo career!

3. Jennie (Blackpink)

There’s no doubt that every member of K-pop girl group Blackpink is an all-rounder, but only one of them is the best all-rounder in K-Pop! Jennie can not only rap, but she also has impressive singing skills. Her stage presence is phenomenal and captivating with a strong and powerful dance!

Top 8 K-pop Idols Who Can Have A Successful Solo Career - Jennie
Blackpink – Jennie

With her cute and seductive visuals, thanks to her cat eyes, baby cheeks and gummy smile, she’s like a femme fatale! Moreover, she has a keen interest in fashion and style and uses it extensively to embody the visual aspect in her music videos. With the image of a fashionista, Jennie keeps winning a new niche in Korean beauty trends. On the other hand, her debut single, “Solo”, achieved commercial success and topped various music charts. So whether it’s in the realm of popularity or talent, there’s nothing stopping her from being a successful solo artist.

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2. Han (stray kids)

It’s amazing that even at the age of twenty-one, Stray Kids’ Han is one of the most talented members of the group, capable of doing anything you can imagine for a K-pop idol! He is skilled in singing, rapping, composing as well as songwriting. Although he is not part of the dance line, without a doubt we can say that whatever he has to do, he does it with utmost dedication and perfection.

Stray Kids – Han

He has his unique formula to catch everyone’s eye whenever he performs on stage. His rapping skills are also top-notch and one of the fastest in the K-Pop industry. Additionally, he is one of the members of the “3racha” trio and is the record producer and mastermind behind a number of songs created for the group. Recently, he won the 100 song credits and was officially tagged as the youngest K-pop idol to appear on the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) list.

1. Jungkook (BTS)

There’s a reason BTS’s Jungkook is known as the “Golden Maknae” among fans! He is almost perfect not only as an artist but also as a person. The twenty-four-year-old singer is one of the lead singers as well as the lead dancer of current international sensation BTS. When it comes to stage performances, it sounds just as good as the one recorded in the studio and sometimes even better! He is able to storm the stage with his performance with his powerful dancing and angelic singing skills, but few people know that he is better than most amateur rappers in the industry!

BTS Jungkook

Not to mention, he’s one of the top five celebrities in the world to make TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces list of 2021! On the other hand, he is the most competitive member of the group who never loses in any area, let alone music! With so many outstanding skills, it’s no surprise that Jungkook could be one of the most popular K-pop solo idols in the future!

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