Top Eight Best Supporting Characters of K-dramas


For every K-drama to be a success, we not only need a quality script or production, but also an appropriate cast of characters who can make the story work as a whole. While viewers mostly have their eyes on a show’s main characters, sometimes supporting characters manage to steal the show in such a way that they end up becoming fan favorites! Some of the best supporting characters from K-dramas are still memorable, and we’re sure they’ll be loved for years to come, too.

While some of them are limited only to support the story of the main cast, others have their own side stories that showcase their struggles and struggles. It’s the hallmark of a good scriptwriter who can weave these things into the story without making them meaningless or tedious, and that’s why they work so well! Here are our top eight picks for supporting K-drama characters who have a distinct fan base in the K-drama world. Let’s start with that!

8. Vincenzo: Jang Han Seo

Jang Han Seo’s death is one of the saddest K-drama scenes of the year that made us cry a river, right? When the show started, we had no idea we would fall so hard for one of the Jang brothers who does all the dirty work for Jang Han Seok as the leader of Babel. It’s only after we get to know Han Seok’s character that we realize he’s the real devil who forced his brother into all the evil deeds.

Jang Han Seo
Jang Han Seo

In reality, Han Seo is their father’s illegitimate son, who looks rude, arrogant, and cocky on the front end, but just needs some proper guidance. Once he associates with Vincenzo, he grows attached to him over time and begins to think of him as his older brother. He dies at the hands of Han Seok, trying to protect Vincenzo and Cha Young.

7. Kill Me, Heal Me: Yo Na

You might have liked actor Ji Sung as the manly anti-hero character in the 2021 legal thriller drama “The Devil Judge,” but in case you haven’t already watched “Kill Me, Heal Me”, you still don’t know how he stole the show with a character at odds with that of ‘The Devil Judge’! In addition to playing his Cha Do Hyun character in the drama, he portrayed the role of an attractive and feisty teenager, Ahn Yo Na, who gets stuck in the body of 30-year-old Do Hyun.

Yo Na
Yo Na

The moment he shouts “OPPA!” you know it’s going to be a great treat! She’s obsessed with Park Seo Joon’s character, Ri Ohn, and the way she goes on a wild kissing rush is downright hilarious. Poor Ri Ohn! He desperately tries to keep his shit together in the midst of all the drama while asking his twin sister Ri Jin for help!

6. His private life: Uhm So Hye

If there’s one K-drama that ends up giving even the series villain a happy ending, it’s “Her Private Life” and in the most satisfying way possible! Uhm So Hye played by Kim Sun Young, is the wealthy and eccentric director of the art museum where Sung Deok-mi works. She’s the kind of person who likes to have power and authority in her hands and will go out of her way to meet her needs. One moment she’s all polite in her whispery voice, and the next she’s screaming in anger.

Uhm so Hye
Uhm so Hye

She surprisingly sports her ever wackier hairstyles and a whole wardrobe collection throughout the drama. Director Uhm is one of the most interesting characters in the drama who perfectly executes her cartoon villainy and leaves us in a kind of awe with her performance!

5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: Bong Se Ra

Admit it, Bong Se Ra is one of the most interesting and hilarious characters in the entire series, keeping viewers entertained from the first episode to the last. Her dramatic side always makes us laugh out loud, whether it’s her call for attention or the way she fights to save Kim Mi So’s honor near the end of the series! She is bold and brash, always looking for a way to catch others’ attention.

Bong Se Ra
Bong Se Ra

Unfortunately, she is still the one who is ignored and laughed at until she meets the man of her dreams, Yang Cheol. He is manly yet gentle, quiet yet romantic, and regards her as the most beautiful of all. She acts as one of Kim Mi So and Young Joon’s co-workers and provides comic relief between scenes.

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4. The heirs: Lee Bo Na

“The Heirs” probably has the best cast of supporting characters, with Park Hyung Sik, Kang Ha Neul, and Kim Ji Won leading the group. However, Krystal Jung’s portrayal of Lee Bo Na surprisingly won the hearts of viewers! Lee Bo Na begins the drama as the possessive and jealous girlfriend of Yoon Chan Yeong, who is Cha Eun Sang’s childhood friend. She’s the spoiled beautiful girl from a rich family, but she’s also kind-hearted and doesn’t look down on anyone just because of her financial situation.

Lee Bo Na and Chan Young
Lee Bo Na and Chan Young

She dislikes Eun Sang at first due to her possessiveness, but she never seems like a villain and even stands up with her against bullies by the end of the show. What makes her the cutest is her obsession with thinking that Kim Tan is still in love with her after breaking up three years ago!

3. Mr. Queen: Court Lady Choi

Along with an interesting plot comes an interesting cast of supporting characters and the 2020 historical K-drama, ‘Mr. Queen’ is no exception! While each of the secondary characters in this drama has their unique charm, Court lady Choi is definitely the one we cannot forget in the years to come. Sanggung of rank, she is Queen Cheorin’s loyal lady-in-waiting who never misses an opportunity to harass the queen over her unruly behavior.

Best supporting K-dramas characters - Court lady Choi
Court Lady Choi

When the soul of modern-day Seoul’s Jang Bong Hwan is trapped in the queen’s body, he almost drives her mad by hurting her buttocks. To relieve herself from the pain, she looks for hilarious and not-so-decent means of distraction.

2. Hwarang: Han Sung

To all BTS armies, don’t tell us you haven’t watched “Hwarang” because of Kim Taehyung aka V, right? Without him, the character of Suk Han-sung, the youngest hwarang of the lot, wouldn’t have received so much love and appreciation. Han-sung is a warm and innocent person with an irrepressible charm who treats Park Seo Joon’s character Sun-woo like his older brother. In fact, he looks more like a Sun-woo fanboy who likes to follow him all the time!

Best Supporting K-dramas Characters - Han Sung
Han Sung

The scene in which he grabs the blade of Dan-sae’s sword in order to save Sun-woo and dies in the process is still one of the most heartbreaking moments in K-drama land. Beneath his innocent persona, he has a great sense of loyalty and bravery which we see as the story progresses, becoming one of the best supporting characters ever!

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Kim Kwang Bok

You were completely wrong if you thought that we wouldn’t include our favorite Ahjussi, Kim Kwang Bok, from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” on the list of best supporting characters! Played by Kim Won Hae, this man indeed gave us some of the funniest hysterical scenes we’ve ever come across! He is one of the first people to fall victim to Bong Soon’s herculean strength in the drama. He gets beaten like porridge, and while he stays in the hospital recuperating with dozens of broken bones and his tooth falling out, he decides to get revenge on her.

Best Supporting K-dramas Characters - Kim Kwang Bok
Kim Kwang Bok

However, the fact that he ends up being beaten again and again, sometimes by Bong Soon and other times by his family members, without him having the chance to get out of the hospital, is what makes the more crack the public. Unexpectedly, he ends up redeeming himself at the end of the show, or who knows. Maybe he’s too scared to make a move against her! We can hope that Kim Won Hae will be part of the show’s second season as another iconic supporting character.

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