Top 5 Lottery Winners Who Lost Millions – Mega Million Lottery


Jack Whittaker

In 2002, Jack Whittaker won a $314 million Powerball jackpot which, at the time, was the biggest lottery prize in history. The West Virginia construction worker, known for his outsized cowboy hats and even bigger personality, remains one of the most extreme cautionary tales about the lottery’s power to ruin lives. Whittaker reveled in the ability to give handouts, which he did until the money ran out, donating stacks of cash to churches, diner waitresses, family members, strangers and his local strip club.

His life turned to turmoil, according to ABC News. His wife left, his house burned down, he ran afoul of the law, he lost a daughter to cancer and a granddaughter to drugs. In 2020, Whitaker died at the age of 72.




Lara and Roger Griffiths

Less than ten years after the British couple won a $2.19 million prize, Lara and Roger Griffiths’ marriage broke down. Roger spent a lot of money on his band’s CD in order to live out his rock star fantasies. As the couple spent money on exotic automobiles, an expensive home, fashionable clothing and accessories, and an expensive private school for their kid, Lara got a taste of the good life.
They invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the establishment of a salon, where Lara eventually laboured as a staff member to make ends meet. The couple ultimately received less than $10.

David Lee Edwards

David Lee Edwards of Kentucky was homeless and sharing a storage shed with his wife five years after winning a $27 million prize. The couple wasted their good fortune on the usual frivolities that let down so many lottery winners. They purchased a jet, homes, and several expensive automobiles.
In the first three months, they wasted $3 million. Twelve million dollars were in the air at the conclusion of the first year. Just 12 years after the triumph altered the trajectory of his life, David Lee Edwards passed away alone and broken in hospice care at the age of 58. By 2006, the pair had descended into heroin addiction.

Mickey Carroll

Mickey Carroll, at just 19 years old, became an early adult with the equivalent of $11.8 million after winning a British lottery. He was given the nickname “Lotto Lout” by the media because the youthful winner blew up his winnings so quickly. The majority of money was spent on jewellery, vehicles, and other materialistic indulgences, with the remainder going to drug-fueled parties.
In 2016, he was working in a slaughterhouse and making a few hundred dollars each week. He wedded his ex-wife in 2021 after she dumped him for having an extramarital affair with a prostitute back in his high-rolling days, according to the Mirror.

Callie Rogers

Callie Rogers was another fortunate Brit who made a lot of money at an early age, but she was much less knowledgeable about money management than Mickey Carroll. Rogers was just 16 years old when she won the equivalent of $2.3 million in 2003.
She had little money in the bank in 2013, ten years later. She blew through the earnings on cocaine, plastic surgery, designer clothing, presents, and partying (Rogers spent nearly $300,000 on cocaine alone).
The youngest lotto winner in Britain was later prohibited from driving when she crashed her 44 while high on drugs and leading the police on a pursuit. The Daily Mail reported in 2021 that Rogers was living on government assistance and was impoverished 33 years old and 18 years after becoming wealthy.

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