Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend Anime Adaptation Announced


As much as we love fluffy harem stories with lots of fanservice, we can’t ignore the depth we feel in realistic anime and manga. Through its colorful panels and adorable fanart, Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend (明日、私は誰かのカノジョ) by Hinao Wono tells a story of melancholy and despair. The story is sad but real, reminding us how life can sometimes give you the shortest end of the stick. However, one can choose to stay close to the scars of the past or move forward in positivity. Although the latter seems like a blessed dream, it is a complicated process. For those who love beautiful sad stories, 2022 brings good news as the anime adaptation of Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend has been announced.

Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend is written and illustrated by Hinao Wono. It is published by Shogakukan and has 9 volumes at the time of writing. The manga has been serialized by Cygames every Friday since May 2019. Chiaki Fujitani claims that Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend isn’t exactly a shoujo manga.

Here’s everything we know about the animated adaptation of Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Someone’s Girlfriend Announces Anime Adaptation

It’s a bittersweet love story. It depicts the difference between the two sides of love where one represents what one wants to believe in and the other represents what reality actually is. The story mainly revolves around a college student who works as a rental girlfriend and the men who are her clients.

In December 2021, manga sales exceeded 2 million copies. On February 19, 2022, it was announced that an anime adaptation of Tomorrow I Will Be Someone’s Girlfriend would be released soon. No other information has been revealed so far. The anime is currently in production.

Tomorrow I'll be someone's girlfriend
Cover: Tomorrow I’ll Be Somebody’s Girlfriend

About tomorrow I’ll be someone’s girlfriend

Truth be told, the manga contains too much melancholy and self-actualization to be aimed at young girls. Nevertheless, it is the one that young girls have acquired a taste for manga is immensely popular among Japanese readers. Its title is considered ironic because the core concept of the manga implies that for a woman, the existence of a man is no relief.

The protagonist of the manga is Yuki, a young student. She had a burn mark on her face which she hides with makeup. While she usually has a cold and direct personality, she is completely different when she is at work. Yuki works as a hire-for-money girlfriend where every day she pretends to be someone she’s not. While meeting different men, she noticed how easily people like her because she says exactly what she wants to hear.

However, things change for Yuki when she meets a young office worker, Tsuji Souta. When he accidentally sees her burn mark, she thinks about it but Tsuji keeps coming back to her. As she meets him, Yuki discovers more about herself, the world, and hopes to find the courage to move on from the past.

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