This Is Going To Hurt Ending Explained: Why Did Shruti Committed Suicide?


Adam Kay’s comedy-drama television series This Is Going to Hurt is based on his memoir of the same name and is co-produced worldwide. Ben Whishaw plays a National Health Service doctor who rises through the ranks of the hospital hierarchy. On BBC One and BBC iPlayer, on February 8, 2022, the seven-part series began. In the United States, it will premiere on AMC at an undetermined date.

Adam Kay, a young doctor in obstetrics and gynecology, is at the center of the series. Adam must negotiate his personal relationships, especially with his parents, who he hasn’t dated, and the chaos and exhaustion of hospital life, from unexpected attendance at bloody births to dealing with unexpected deaths. of patients. Meanwhile, her ability to handle it all is eroded by the vicious cycle of work.

In episode seven, Adam Kay’s story as an NHS doctor culminated in a terrifying yet joyful finale. With its stark insight into the world of 12-hour shifts, This Is Going To Hurt illustrates that the sacrifices made by every member of the OB/GYN service deserve more than a round of kudos and banging pots and pans in front of your front door. . Those who’ve already binge-watched all seven episodes will know that the comedy-drama ends on a particularly heartbreaking note – but if you’re feeling brave and want to know how the series ends, we’re here to help.

It’s going to hurt Explanation of the ending: being a doctor is very stressful

In episode six, viewers will be properly shocked when Doctor Shruti Acharya commits suicide after facing a hell of a change on her own. Shruti’s stress from her endless shifts and increasing pressure from her academics had been building up for months, and it finally became too much for her the day she finished her exams.

This is going to hurt
This is going to hurt

In a cruel blow, his colleagues are forced to carry on as if nothing had happened at the start of episode seven, which takes place two months after his death, even juggling to buy time for his monument outside the main entrance of the hospital or running away when their beeps sound. Vicky Houghton, Shruti’s educational supervisor, is more callous and uncaring than ever, leading the tribute by mispronouncing Shruti’s last name, making jokes like a stand-up performance, and dismissing the planted tree in her pride.

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Later, Adam confronts her about it, asking her why there was no investigation or why Shruti’s death didn’t serve as a warning of poor mental health and poor morale in the hospital. . Houghton, on the other hand, dismisses it, stating that there is no budget for improvement and there is nothing anyone can do but keep going.

Will Adam be able to keep his job?

Adam shows up at his trial with his sarcastic lawyer by his side, acting unprofessional, and fuming about Shruti… But is he taking Lockhart’s advice? Everything will be exposed. In any case, Adam is able to keep his job. Adam meets Harry because he needs someone to talk to and immediately feels bad, struggling with his own feelings and sobbing at the table. Instead of being stuck alone, he invites Harry to accompany him to Greg and Emma’s wedding as a temporary plus-one.

It's Gonna Hurt Ending Explained
Adam Kay

It’s time for Misty to go back to the hospital. Erika arrives with a gift for Adam: a mug with the words “World’s Best Doctor” written on it. She also has one for Shruti, but that only adds salt to the wound. However, Adam is called by an emergency before he can elaborate. It’s a close call for a while, but Adam saves the patient. He notices, however, that Al is sobbing in the locker room. Adam composes his harsh criticisms and opts for a softer approach, recalling his harsh interrogation of Shruti. He also gives Al the afternoon to collect his thoughts. He takes Shruti’s badge out of his locker and places it in his wallet in the process. It is a symbolic act, an act of pride in his memory while trying to learn from his untimely death.

As the episode draws to a close, we see Adam going to the hospital. Waiting for a parking ticket (which had been criminally missed). He assists a pregnant woman who is about to give birth (NHS workers shouldn’t have to pay for parking). During his absence, however, he receives a notice of sanction. What a strange coincidence!

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