“This is between me and my husband”

Divyanka Tripathi reprimands those who spread false rumors about cheating on Vivek Dahiya
Divyanka Tripathi Slam Online Channels Spreading False Information About Her Cheating With Vivek Dahiya (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most influential and prominent television stars. The actress often makes headlines for a variety of reasons, including everything from good to bad. However, the actress knows how to deal with any situation. Likewise, some unknown newsgroups recently started speculating that the actress was cheating on her husband Vivek Dahiya. By tackling the rumors, she has now slammed those reports and how they are spreading fake news about her.

In January 2016, the actress got engaged to her Ye Hai Mohabbatein co-actor Vivek and they got married in the same year on July 8 in Bhopal. Since their marriage, the couple has become a couple of goals as they never get a chance to impress their fans with beautiful pictures and videos together.

Meanwhile, in a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Divyanka Tripathi spoke about how she was judged for wearing certain types of clothes and spending time with her male friends. She told: ‘I’ve been told I’m the one in saris, so how can I wear small clothes. Some even had the nerve to message my sister, ‘Why don’t you teach your sister something. How can she wear small clothes.’”

Speaking about her cheating rumors by some YouTube channels, Divyanka Tripathi adds: “One of my friends, who is very dear to me as a brother, recently hugged me on his birthday. He was really spoiling me because he was like a brother to me and said ‘Divyanka you know I’m really glad you’re here today’ we talked a lot These pseudo newsgroups that just started on YouTube are popping up like mushrooms Those mushroom-like newsgroups published the news that Divyanka is having an affair behind Vivek’s back This is how actors get work look what he did to Divyanka Well damn it First of all we don’t live in those days where a girl has to stay under a veil and no one can touch her. ”

Divyanka Tripathi slammed those online channels, saying, “Hello, I know my values. No one has to come and tell my sister who hugs me. My sister has given me very good values. And the comments, the comments on YouTube, read you What regressive era are you living in a girl knows her right and wrong Even if she cheats on her husband this is her own life This is between me and my husband who are you to create rumors about it But people do not know that they cannot cross that thin line.”

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