‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 4: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers


Everything seems to be going well as Mi Jo and Joohee experience new love in their lives. Also, Mi Jo’s parents give her permission to go abroad as they think she has panic attacks due to stress. In Episode 4 of “Thirty-Nine,” Mi Jo and her friends’ medical test result is released. When the doctor calls Mi Jo with the results, she is devastated.

She runs out of her office to confirm if this is really her friend’s result. Later, she sits in her car crying for hours and goes to Jin Seok’s office and threatens to kill him. She accuses him of being the cause of her friend’s illness and collapse on the ground. So, before we delve into Thirty Nine Episode 4, let’s take a look at what happened in the previous episode.

Recap of episode 3 of “Thirty-nine”

So far, we have seen that Mi Jo is planning to take a gap year to study abroad and enjoy her life. When she tells this to her sister, she doesn’t take it well. After her sister leaves, a group of women come to the clinic and accuse Mi Jo of being the mistress of a woman’s husband. As their fight escalates, they all end up at the police station. After their crazy night, the group of friends go to a club to drink. Unfortunately, Mi Jo and Chan Young get into a fight, but they sort it out immediately.

Mi Jo thinks Chan Young shouldn’t date a married man. Moreover, without him, Chan Young would have been a successful actress. After ending up in the police station again for slapping a married man who was having an affair, Chan Young decides to quit smoking and her relationship as well. On the other hand, Mi Ja decides to sleep with Seon Woo as she thinks she will never see him again. However, while she is in a restaurant waiting to meet the new director of her clinic, she meets him again. Seon Woo is going to be the new director of the Gangnam Clinic, which means he’ll be spending a lot of time with Mi Jo.

thirty nine episode 4
thirty nine episode 4

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Seon Woo takes over as director

After their awkward encounter, Seon Woo begins his new role as director at the clinic. Mi Jo introduces him to her team and everyone is impressed by his beauty. Later, Mi Jo’s sister comes to his office and she tells him to have a good time with him. Later, Jeon Seok goes to Chan Young’s studio and tells him to go to Paris to follow his passion. However, she wants him to come with her.

Preview of episode 4 of “Thirty-nine”

Mi Jo and her friends decide to have a medical checkup as a routine checkup. After the check-up, they all go to Hyun Joo’s restaurant. As they are talking about placing Jeehee with him, his girlfriend walks in and it lowers Joohee’s energy. Unexpectedly, Seon Woo comes to the same restaurant and joins them, but when Mi Jo receives a call from her father, he takes her home. When her parents discover that she has panic attacks, they agree to her going abroad. Then they suggest she stay home if she wants even more rest.

Death of thirty-nine Chan Young
Death of thirty-nine Chan Young

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of “Thirty-Nine” will be released on February 24, 2022. Mi Jo and Seon Woo have an in-depth conversation at the clinic as he talks about adopting his sister. When Mi Jo hears about it, she says she always felt anxious because she was adopted. Then they talk about their one wild night, and finally, they’re able to laugh about it. As they get drunk with their office workers again, Seon Woo confesses his feelings to Mi Jo. Will Mi Jo and Seon Woo start dating again?

Watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 4 Online – Stream Details

The South Korean drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ is a television drama broadcast by jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch upcoming episodes of “Thirty-Nine” on the official channel. As for international fans, they can watch episode 4 of “Thirty-Nine” on Netflix international streaming.

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