‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers


The story of ‘Thirty-Nine’ is that of three best friends who will soon be 40 years old. At older ages, their prospects of having a romantic relationship seem dim. However, in episode 2 of “Thirty-Nine”, all three experience a different range of love as they try to navigate their lives. Cha Mi Jo is a dermatologist who comes from a wealthy and loving family. She has never been in a difficult situation. When she meets Kim Seon Woo, her life changes as they seem to have found the one they were both looking for. They start their relationship with a steamy intimate night, and when Mijo’s friends find out about it, they get very horny and horny.

Chan Young led a difficult life and always wanted to be an actress. However, because of a guy in her past, she ends up becoming an acting coach. She seems lost in her life, but the truth is that she realizes the harsh reality of life. In addition, she is sincere in her words and likes to give everything to her loved ones. Unlike his other two friends, Joohee has a shy personality and doesn’t seem to have much experience in romantic relationships. When she meets Park Hyun Joon, she discovers the true meaning of love. Everything seems to be going well until Mi Jo and Joohee find out that Chan Young is suffering from a terminal illness. He has about a year left to live and his friends decide to make the most of it.

What to expect in the next episode?

Cha Mi Jo is going to take a year off, and she plans to spend it with her two best friends, Chan Young and Joohee. During an outing with her friends, she meets a guy and suddenly takes an interest in him. The guy’s name is Kim Seon Woo. At first, it seems that Mi Jo is the only one interested in him, but later, Seon Woo approaches her. He approaches her with flowers and asks her if she knows the name of the rare beauty. Finally, he answers it himself by saying that their name is Peony. Flowers symbolize love and honor, so it could be the start of a new relationship.

Son Ye Jin in Thirty-Nine
Son Ye Jin in Thirty-Nine

However, Chan Young does not have a life like Mi Jo. She was destined to be a successful actress but ended up becoming an acting coach. Mi Jo, while consoling her friend, points out that she should have succeeded if it wasn’t for a specific person. Still, we don’t know who the guy Mi Jo is talking about is and how he ruined Chan Young’s life. As Chan Young leads a difficult life, Joohee begins a new relationship with Park Hyun Joon. He is a handsome chief who is also the president of Chinatown.

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Cha Mi Jo sleeps with Kim Seon Woo

There’s no doubt that Mi Jo and Seon Woo have some sexual tension between them. After getting to know each other, they meet in a restaurant and Mi Jo asks him if he wants to sleep with her. They want it to be a unique thing, but their relationship will progress in the right direction. When she tells Chan Young and Joohee about it, they jump for joy. It’s because they want her to be happy with her 40th birthday just around the corner.

Thirty-nine romantic scene
Thirty-nine romantic scene

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 2 Release Date and Streaming Details

The release date for Episode 2 of ‘Thirty-Nine’ is February 17, 2022. With her quarantine fast approaching, Mi Jo and her friends are finding new meaning in life. They will have many experiences and romances intact. Also, Mi Jo and Joohee’s life is turned upside down when they find out that Chan Young has a terminal illness. The South Korean series “Thirty-Nine” is a television series that will be broadcast by jTBC.

People living in South Korea can watch upcoming episodes of “Thirty-Nine” on the official network. International fans who are eagerly awaiting Son Ye Jin’s new drama will be able to watch the episodes on Netflix. It is an international subscription website that offers a large collection of different genre movies and dramas.

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