The Woman In The House Across The Street Ending Explained: Was The Woman On The Plane Real?


You’ll get the “Woman in the House Opposite Girl in the Window” vibe if you’ve seen “Gone Girl,” “Woman in the Window,” or any Lifetime drama involving women in the bored homes, murder and large amounts of alcohol. Netflix’s dark comedy series is a parody of all the mystery subgenre’s classic clichés about women who are basically in disbelief, trying to solve a murder on their own, and being lit up by almost everyone around them. The eight-episode show, directed by Michael Lehmann and created by Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras, deftly pokes fun at typical plot themes while maintaining a comedic attitude to heartbreak.

Kristen Bell plays Anna, a lonely mother adjusting to her new life after the death of her young daughter and her divorce from her therapist husband. She spends her mornings, afternoons and evenings with full glasses of red wine until she develops a new interest in spying on her sexy new neighbor, who moves in across the street. Anna tries to befriend them right away until she witnesses a murder in her house. No one believes his claims because of his addiction to alcohol and occasional drug use. So she does what all women do when you don’t believe them: she takes charge of the case. Along the way, she discovers a tangled backstory that encompasses every possible ending imaginable while maintaining a sense of mystery.

But who was the murderer and why did he commit the crime? And what exactly is going on with the woman on the plane? Here’s what the ending of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window means and how it could hint at a possible second season.

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Explanation of the ending of the woman in the house across the street: The little devil

Neil’s 9-year-old daughter Emma, ​​played by Samsara Yett, was Lisa Maines’ killer. The Woman at the Window, etc. parodies the convoluted discoveries that occur in contemporary murder mysteries as both a terrifying plot and a fun satire on the psychological thriller genre.

The woman in the house across the street ending explained
Emma is the killer

Because men are often the prime suspects in both fictional and real murder cases, both the audience and Anna suspect Neil of killing Lisa. Also, Neil refused to accept that Lisa died, saying she was simply away on a flight attendant assignment. This is how a convicted murderer would try to hide his identity.

However, once Neil is ruled out as a prime suspect, the series quickly establishes Buell as a credible assailant. He’s someone everyone in the area avoids, so learning that he’s been living in Anna’s attic without her knowing is shocking.

But it’s Emma, ​​the youngster on whom Anna projected her grief for her lost daughter. While Emma’s motivations for amassing a body count before puberty are debatable, it’s nonetheless fun to watch a small child fantasize about being a cold-blooded killer. It is above all a comedy.

women on the plane

Anna is cleared of Lisa’s murder after killing Emma in self-defense. The case is now closed. Anna happily resumed her marriage to Douglas (Michael Ealy) a year later, and the two have a new child. Anna ditched wine in favor of vodka while vacationing in New York to visit her sister. However, she encounters an enigmatic passenger, played by Hollywood legend Glenn Close, on the plane.

The woman in the house opposite
The woman in the house opposite

Anna wakes up from a vodka binge to find the same woman dead in the plane lavatory, in another version of the genre cliches. The body is missing when she reports a flight attendant and no passengers match Anna’s description. But then she finds the women’s hand mirror and says “Bingo”. Does Anna have a hallucination? Is she being kept in the dark about a tempting secret?

The Housewife doesn’t answer our questions, at least not until Netflix approves Season 2. What we think is that at the start of the series, Anna was reading a crime thriller with wine. For this reason, she was only mirroring what she had read in the book. Similarly, at the end, on the plane, she read the rest of the previous book with vodka. So most likely, she once again reflects on what she has read.

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