The Transition of Eren Yeager from a Protagonist to an Antagonist: A Complete Analysis


Eren has always been portrayed as someone who would sacrifice anything to defend his friends and those around him, and his admirers would never have imagined that he would one day become an adversary. Many questions may arise in your mind, and we completely understand. What made him turn into something he had always despised? Let’s find out in this article. Eren Yeager was a member of the Survey Corps until his retirement. He portrayed the main character in Attack on Titan, who is no longer the same. He and his parents resided in Shiganshina District until Wall Maria collapsed when he saw his mother devoured by a Titan. Eren’s strong hatred for the Titans grew as a result of this event, and he vowed to wipe them all off the face of the planet. Soon after, his father, Grisha Yeager, discovered him and gave him the key to his cellar, ordering Eren to find her and get back to Wall Maria at all costs.

The Titan Serum was then put into Eren. Eren, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert were all drafted into the 104th Training Corps in the year 847. Eren learned the truth about the Titans, as well as Eldia and Marley’s past, after discovering the underworld. -ground while unlocking his father’s memories. Eren then decided to save his homeland from its true enemy: the humans across the water. Eren possessed the power of three Titans. Eren received the Attack and Foundation Titans from his father. He also obtained the War Hammer Titan after devouring Lara Tybur during the Liberio Raid.

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Eren Yeager’s Story

On March 30, 835, Eren was born to Carla and Grisha Yeager in Shiganshina District in the southern area of ​​Wall Maria. His best friend was Armin Arlert, whom he frequently defended against local bullies. By showing him a secret book about the outside world, Armin sparked his desire to escape the Walls and wander. He wanted to enlist in the Survey Corps as soon as he was of draft age so he could explore the world. Eren and Armin were continuously tormented by other young people following their dream.

Eren Yeager's transition from protagonist to antagonist
Mikasa and Eren

When Eren was nine, he went to the Ackerman family home with his father on a house call, only to find both parents killed and their daughter Mikasa stolen. Dr. Yeager, fearing the worst, told Eren to stay inside the house while he called the military police. Eren, on the other hand, was able to trace the burglars to a small cabin in the woods behind the house. Eren pretended to be distressed and said he was lost. As one of the thieves approached Eren, he took a knife out of his pocket and stabbed him.

Eren attacked him with an improvised spear, stabbing him in the shoulder as the second guy chased after him with an axe. Eren then proceeded to stab him to execution in a fit of rage while Mikasa stood there and watched. As Eren untied her in the wreckage, a third thief caught him off guard and strangled him. Eren pushed Mikasa, who was paralyzed with fear, to fight back, reminding her that if she didn’t, they would both be dead. Mikasa lost all inhibitions as Eren began to lose consciousness and rushed at their attacker, stabbing him in the heart and murdering him. Eren then proceeded to stab him to death in a fit of rage while Mikasa stood by and watched.

Transition as Titan

Eren, Sasha, Connie and a few others are tasked with clearing the cannons atop Wall Rose. They see the Colossus Titan, which has not been seen for five years, reappear there. Eren fights the Titan alone, while his fellow trainees can only watch in awe. Eren’s team begins the battle in high spirits, despite their anxieties, seeing the approaching fight as an attempt to showcase their courage as warriors before joining the Survey Corps. When Thomas Wagner is consumed, however, things quickly spiral out of control. An enraged Eren attempts to assassinate the Titan but is knocked down by a second Titan which bites off his leg.

Eren Yeager's transition from protagonist to antagonist
Eren Titan Form

Eren barely resurrects in time to save Armin from being consumed, only to be devoured himself. Eren discovers the Titan’s Guts, which contains the Titan’s dead or dying troops. His grief causes him to transform into his Attack Titan form for perhaps the first time as he remembers his goal of killing all the last living Titans. It bursts from the Titan that engulfed it, wreaking havoc on all Titans in its path. In the process, he accidentally saves Mikasa’s life from another Titan and is drawn in to help Armin, Connie and Mikasa fight off a procession of Titans looking for compressed gas to power their maneuvering equipment from a storage facility.

Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan, and any other Titan for that matter, had nothing to do with Eren’s founding titan. Almost all of the Titan was initially obscured by the vapor of the Wall Titans, but its enormity, dominating the crowd of Wall Titans, was immediately apparent. The body seemed to be empty of flesh, like a massive ribcage. The knobs and ribs of the spine were very elongated, with the ribs touching the earth and the arc of the spine extending farther into the sky. The pelvis and legs, on the other hand, were noticeably small and seemed worthless. Despite this, they were still bigger than those of any Wall Titan. Eren was noticeably shorter in his Pure Titan form than he is now in his Titan form. He was 4m tall, with short, unkempt hair and a pointed, lipless mouth that revealed his fangs. He possessed a large head, enormous ears, and a portly frame in his Pure Titan form.

Eren Yeager's transition from protagonist to antagonist

Eren Yeager’s transition from protagonist to antagonist

Eren Yeager has come a long way since his debut as the protagonist. When Eren’s father saw his mother die in front of him, he injected her with Titan cerebrospinal fluid, turning him into a Titan. Eren ate his father instinctively, and as a result, he inherited both the Attack and the Founding Titans. Eren’s animosity towards the Titan race, however, remained unchanged. He had spent years training to become a soldier fighting the Titans. Eren invaded Liberio and released his Titan form to protect his people from Marley. He won the War Hammer Titan by devouring Willy Tybur, an Eldian nobleman who declared war on Paradis. Eren then slaughtered hundreds of innocent villagers, committing his first real crime. Eren had given all hope to the citizens at this moment. To him, they had become indoctrinated beyond redemption, and he could do nothing to save them.

Because Eren’s invasion of Liberio was not sanctioned by the Survey Corps, he proceeded without informing anyone of his true goals, leaving his companions disgruntled and perplexed. Eren went a step further and hurt his buddies, making them hate him. Right after Liberio’s attack, he got together with Armin and Mikasa and started accusing Armin of being affected by Bertolt’s memories. Eren informed Mikasa that he most often despises her and was always appalled by her when she tried to protect Armin. He despised those who blindly followed instructions and called Mikasa a slave. Armin went to Eren, enraged, but Mikasa instinctively smashed Armin against the table, proving his point. Eren then severely beat Armin, who responded by calling Eren a “true slave”, and in the end, Eren managed to make his buddies look down on him. It was all part of the game plan, after all.

Eren Yeager's Transition from Protagonist to Antagonist: A Comprehensive Analysis
Eren Titan Form

When Eren freed the Wall Titans and unleashed The Great Rumbling, he turned the whole planet against him. Beneath millions of colossal titans rushing in, this catalytic event killed 80% of humanity, and the whole world viewed Eren Yaeger as a terrible villain destroying the lives of innocent people. Every country in the world has banded together against Eren, even Paradis. Their combined strengths, however, were no match for the enormous strength of the Colossal Titans. Humanity, Eren declared, was no longer suitable to be held captive. He said he would exterminate all humans in the world and set humans and Titans free. Eren, on the other hand, revealed his true intentions to his allies as the Titans approached Marley’s shore.

Eren stated in the series conclusion that he had become a threat to the world so that the Survey Corps would assassinate him and then become the savior of humanity. He also claimed that eliminating him would end the power of the Titans and restore the humans who had been converted to pure Titans. He wanted the Survey Corps to become heroes so that the rest of the world would stop despising Paradis. He believed this would allow his people to develop positive relationships with other nations and remove the perception of Paradise people as “demons”. Eren assured that Earth would never again harness the powers of the Titans, whether in conflict or conquest, by extinguishing the Titan Power.

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