‘The Star Seekers’ Chapter 7: Release Date & Preview


Star Seekers Chapter 7 is just days away from release! The previous chapter was as spectacular as we all imagined. After DK’s dramatic rescue of the boys, the Star One members were back in their company building. DK told the head of the company that Viken and Avys also discovered their powers. The head of the company decided it was just time to make a comeback. Coming back meant more physical and mental training. The webtoon artist blew us all away with the cute manhwa version of Star One while they practiced. However, some conflicts between the members and the company had been raised.

As three members had unleashed their full potential while the other two had not, fans had already anticipated that the company would attempt to upstage Eugene and Taho. The members didn’t want this to happen, so a fight broke out between them. Speaking of comebacks and songs, Star One is no longer a nugu band. Do you know that the terms Star One and Eugene are trending in Kpop on Twitter in Instagram? MOA (TXT fandom) before calling Star One a nugu group, you should face them first. Keep reading to find out all about The Star Seekers Chapter 7 release date, where to read, and theories?

Star Seekers Chapter 7 Preview

Fans can’t wait to read Chapter 7 of The Star Seekers, and for good reason. Also, fans are more than sure that Taho will discover his powers in the next chapter. Fun Fact: In the Frost MV, Taho grabbed the fortune teller’s spellbook while in the Wattpad version, he bought it. Taho had brought with him the mysterious book from the magical island but was surprised to see that it was empty when he returned home. Maybe it was empty because Taho hadn’t found his magical abilities at that time. When the fight between the members and the company continued, Taho told the members not to worry because he had a plan. By this time, his eye color had changed, signifying that he had found his true abilities.

Starseekers Chapter 7
Taho and his grimoire cr: HYBE Labels

From TXT’s Nap Of A Star MV, we know that Taehyun’s character Taho and his descendants could change their eye color and were powerful wizards. For our part, we are very happy to see what Taho has planned to solve the problem. Meanwhile, fans got an idea of ​​what the consequences of Viken’s magical powers might be. If he tries to use his magic in a desert or any place without plants, thorns will grow from his back. That’s why in most MVs he was injured or in the hospital. Other than that, fans have no idea why his eyes became the same color as odd-eyed cats so far. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any clues on this.

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Star Seekers Chapter 7 Release Date

Star Seekers Chapter 7 will be released on February 28, this Monday. Just like the members of Star One, fans want Eugene to be front and center. Also, since Taho might find out about his magic abilities in the next chapter, Taho might feel left out as all the members except him have attained their special abilities. Or maybe Taho, who has already pondered what Eugene might be going through, will keep his powers a secret. Watch the next episode to see what happens next!

Starseekers Chapter 7
Eugene cr: HYBE Labels

Where to read chapter 7 of The Star Seekers?

Fans can read TXT’s webtoon, The Star Seekers Chapter 7 on webtoon for free, or the Wattpad version with a premium subscription. New chapters of the ongoing webtoon The Star Seekers are released every Monday at 9 p.m. ET. If you’re missing the chapters of TXT’s splendid webtoon, then you’re missing a lot.

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