‘The Star Seekers’ Chapter 6: Release Date & Spoilers


Star Seekers Chapter 6 is just days away. Without a doubt, we can say that The Star Seekers story keeps getting better with each chapter. However, we would rather have the chapters be longer. The story follows the fantasy boy band named Star One and their journey to find their true destiny. Until now, they lived a very difficult life trying to climb the ladder in an even more brutal K-pop industry. Imagine the already brutal and competitive K-pop industry introducing magical idols, non-magical idols wouldn’t stand a chance. This was what was happening to Star One until Soule unleashed his powers when the Magic Idol Predator attacked them.

Fast forward, Star One has risen to fame and now even has a new manager DK who has been super trained in magic. He sent the boys to the magic island, where they again encountered the idol predator. After Soule, Eugene, Viken, Taho, and Avys come out of the tent shocked by the prophecy, the idol predator takes them by surprise and grabs Soule in the air and starts hurting the other members. This is where Viken unleashes his power and DK helps the boys defeat the idol predator. Keep reading for the release date and our theories for Chapter 6 of TXT’s webtoon, The Star Seekers!

What to expect from the next chapter?

Fans are excited to read Chapter 6 of The Star Seekers. Turns out DK wasn’t a villain after all. When it looked like Star One couldn’t escape anymore, DK jumped to the scene and rescued the boys. Honestly, the whole fandom cheered when he said to the idol predator, “How dare you mess with my boys?”. In addition to simulating DK, Star One’s manager, readers can’t help but wonder what the consequences are of Star One members using their magic. There was that sweet moment between Viken and DK when Viken saw that DK was injured. He told DK to reach out so he could heal him. DK told Soule that everyone’s magic has consequences. Will the consequences of Star One’s magic be too deadly? Will the consequence cause them to lose their friendship?

star seekers
DK cr: HYBE Labels

Or are the consequences tied to what each member saw in the old fortune teller’s vision? Besides what might happen to Star One members who gained their magical abilities, fans have theorized which member will get their powers. At the moment, none of us have any idea because there is no order that we have noticed. Meanwhile, what fans can’t get out of their heads are Viken’s eyes when he finally discovers his magical abilities. His eyes had taken the same color as the odd-eyed cat, present in all the fantastic universes of the HYBE group. Not to mention, the cat continues to kill Yeonjun whenever Yeonun tries to save his limbs in the TXT fantasy universe. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in The Star Seekers!

Star Seekers Chapter 6 Release Date

Star Seekers Chapter 6 will be released on February 21, this Monday. This webtoon releases new chapters every Monday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 11:00 a.m. Korea, and 7:30 a.m. India. Also, fans want to see what will happen when Taho picks up the book from under the bush after coming out of the tent. He would have chosen the mystery book if it weren’t for the idol predator that attacked the Star One boys. How on earth is it possible that there is so much to look forward to in The Star Seekers Chapter 6!

Starseekers Chapter 6
The Predator Idol cr: HYBE Labels

Where to read Star Seekers Chapter 6?

You can check out Chapter 6 of The Star Seekers on Webtoon or Wattpad. To read The Star Seekers chapters on Wattpad, you will first need to subscribe. Be sure to tune in to read The Star Seekers to see why TXT’s vision had been so terrifying (especially Taho’s).

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