The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12: Release Date, Recap & Where to Watch


Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12 will bring us even more superficial stories, escapades and sordid drama. This final season of Bravo reality TV dropped in December 2021, and it’s executive produced by Andy Cohen — perennial veteran executive producer of the entire Real Housewives franchise — Cooper Green, Nate Green, and Matt Anderson.

The season four cast consists of Alexia Echavarría, Guerdy Abraira, Larsa Pippen, Lisa Hochstein, Nicon Martin, Julia Lemigova – Martina Navratilova’s wife – Adriana de Moura, Kiki Barth and Marysol Patton. Moreover, each season consists of fourteen episodes. Be sure to read our recap, and now let’s take a look at the most interesting aspects of the latest episode.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12
Also in “The Real Housewives of Miami”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

This episode aired on February 17, 2021 for the first time. It’s called “Versace and Venom”. First, this episode was mostly about Marysol and Dr. Nicole’s feud. We’ve seen flashbacks of the latter telling Adriana how she views the former as a “bad person,” and Adriana tells Marysol that. After that, Nicole and Lisa have lunch, where they disparage their alcoholic fathers. Of course, they touch on the Marysol topic, which Nicole thinks is too much and she’s done with it.

Rockin’ at the Gianni Versace mansion

Alexia’s bachelorette party takes place at the Gianni Versace Mansion. It’s full of glamorous stuff, animal prints, and all the excess that an episode of Real Housewives could entail. There’s even a Madonna soundtrack blaring from the back. Alexia talks to Peter and Frankie. She wants them all together for therapy. That would make quite an episode – if not a special – and Peter says he doesn’t want psychotherapy because he doesn’t want to talk to a stranger about his problems. After that, every housewife in the cast wears a Versace outfit. We see chatter until we finally revisit Marysol’s issue.

That’s when Julia opens her big mouth – she wears so much green makeup she looks weird – to say the weirdest thing. “It’s Larsa”. Julia claims she made fun of Nicole for having a child before she got married – if anything, the stereotypes of marriage as an institution for these kinds of shows are just thrown off. And it turns out that the criticized woman has three children out of wedlock. Thus, the morality of the comment is simply false and nonsensical.

The problem

Many of these women in this reality show are not friends at all. Executive producer Andy Cohen just forces them to stick together in front of a camera and create some sort of weird interaction. It’s one of the problems of the Real Housewives franchise and also one of its best assets. The fanbase loves that the “real” part is just marketing to say how fake it is. The constant fights in this episode because of a menial problem is just proof of that. Why not let the women fight? Or is Andy Cohen too afraid that the series will end like Jerry Springer?

Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Trailer:

Watch The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

If you want to watch The Real Housewives of Miami, just tune into Bravo during its airtime. Alternatively, you can watch it on Bravo’s website or app. Also, you can stream past seasons of the show from platforms like Fubo TV, Peacock, and Spectrum. Additionally, the show is available for rental or purchase on Apple iTunes, Vudu Fandango, Google Play, and Amazon Direct Video.

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12
Also in “The Real Housewives of Miami”

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date

Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Episode 12 premieres February 24, 2022 on Bravo. Each new episode airs on Thursdays, as the title of that episode is “No Wedding and a Funeral”. Each of these episodes has a duration of approximately 45 minutes. With that, we conclude our coverage of The Real Housewives of Miami at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article and check back regularly for daily updates on all your favorite series, shows and movies.

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