‘The Mist’ Ending Explained: Stephen King’s Remarkable Story With Darker Ending


Mist’s ending is something audiences will never be able to get over. Is it sad?..no! It’s depressing!. Stephen King is known for his remarkable stories. This movie is similar to the story of his novel with just a different ending. The end is replaced by Frank Darabont. He is famous for his work on The Walking Dead Season 1. Even after 15 years, The Mist is still remembered as one of the best horror movies. If you’re a horror movie fan like me, you have to watch this movie! Terror, Drama and Thriller are the words that can best sum up The Mist. In 2007, the film was released and quickly caught the attention of millions. The Mist is available on many OTT platforms like Amazon Prime or YouTube.

Besides the amazing story and an even darker ending, The Mist’s visual effects and background music were also quite good. The cast includes Thomas Jane as David Drayton, Nathan Gamble as Billy, Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody, Laurie Holden as Amanda Dunfrey, and Toby Jones as Ollie Weeks. The purpose of the film is to motivate people and make them keep fighting even if they can’t find the light because eventually the sun will rise and everything will be fine. Deep no?

The Mist Plot

The film begins with David taking refuge in his lakeside home with his wife Stephanie and eight-year-old son Billy. After a severe thunderstorm hits their town, the lights are turned off. To collect essential emergency supplies, David and Billy go to the supermarket. In no time, the city begins to cover itself with a mysterious mist. As soon as the police sirens go off, a terrified Sullivan rushes into the store screaming. He warns them about dangerous creatures lurking outside. After hearing this, store owners Ollie Weeks and Bud Brown close the store, locking everyone inside.

the end of the mist
Scene between film

Soon, Norm, the local bagger, volunteers to fix the store’s emergency generator so that enough electricity is available in the store. Against David’s advice, Norm exits the store to secure the generator. But, he is grabbed by the creature and pulled further into the mist. After witnessing this horror, a lady asks to go home to her children. A group also exits the store for help, resulting in their gruesome deaths. Meanwhile, the sun begins to set and the lights in the store glow in the haze, attracting the creatures’ attention. In no time, the store is attacked, the windows are shattered and the creatures enter inside the store. Panic sets in in the store, resulting in the death of 3 people. Meanwhile, Mrs. Carmody, a religious believer, is spared from the creature.

This incident results in an increase in his followers among the survivors. In the meantime, David leaves the store to pick up the medical supplies with a small group. However, they fail miserably and two men die. Ms. Carmody gains more followers from their failure, which results in her increased authority. A soldier seeks refuge in the store after his colleagues are murdered by the creatures. He reveals the truth about The Mist. He informs the survivors of the government-run Project Arrowhead. The project is to open a portal to another dimension. Unfortunately, lightning strikes, causing the door to open and the creatures.

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The End of the Mist Explained

After Jessup the soldier reveals the whole truth, everyone starts to panic. Meanwhile, Mrs. Carmody’s supporters begin to suggest dumping Jessup and leaving him to survive on his own. As a result, Jessup is offered as a sacrifice, causing the creature to eat him. After witnessing this inhumanity, David, with his group, decides to leave the store. But soon, the group is stopped by Mrs. Carmody, who asks David to give his son as a sacrifice. His followers begin to fight, only Ollie pulls out the gun and kills Mrs. Carmody. After his death, followers regain their consciousness. The group is allowed to leave the store.

the end of the mist
Amanda, David and Billy

David, Billy, Dan, Amanda and Irene reach David’s car. Soon they start driving through the mist and reach their house to see their home destroyed and his wife dead. Devastated, David returns to the car and the group resumes their journey away from danger. Soon they ran out of gas and the creatures attacked them. To save themselves from the wrath of the creature, all decide to commit suicide. David pulls his son’s trigger and the other two kill each other. After losing everything, David gets out of the car, falls on the road and puts the gun to his head. As soon as he prepares to pull the trigger, he sees The Mist disappearing and the US military rescuing the survivors and restoring peace.

Watching the store survivors and the lady who left for her children being transported to a safe destination, David loses his mind and falls to the ground after realizing he killed his son. Only if they had stayed put for even a few seconds, her son and his friends would have been alive. As Heart-breaking the Mist ends, it also made us wonder what happened next. Did David ever recover from the loss, or is there a way to revive his dead son?

the end of the mist
End scene

Mist’s ending certainly gives the creeps even after just reading about it. Imagine what will happen after watching the movie. Although you know the ending, so no surprises!

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