The Masked Singer UK Season 3 Episode 9: Release Date, Recap & Preview


“The Masked Singer UK” season 3 episode 9 – one of the biggest questions on the minds of many fans of the show right now. Is there more to the third season after its finale aired on February 12? Now that the show finale is over and the singers have all unmasked, let’s do a recap. The season started with a total of twelve contestants with various masks and aliases. Of the dozen contestants, each episode saw one singer face elimination and unmasking. Let’s start with the first episode. It was Chandelier who had to remove the mask from his face to reveal their identity.

Chandelier turned out to be singer Heather Small. The second contestant to face elimination was Snow Leopard, who was TV presenter Gloria Hunniford. Lionfish was next to go. Singer Will Young was the man behind the mask. Next to be unmasked and packed was Bagpipes, who was tennis player Pat Cash. Poodle was next, and the mask came off to reveal singer Tom Chaplin. Actress Jaime Winstone was behind the Firework mask. The one behind Donuts was footballer Michael Owen. Traffic Cone was the next to unmask and head home. Traffic Cone was actually singer Aled Jones.

Now let’s dive into everything that happened in the Season 3 finale and whether there is an Episode 9 or not. Spoilers ahead!

who is panda in masked singer uk
Panda is Natalie Imbruglia and the winner of season 3!

The Masked Singer UK S03 E08 recap

Episode 8 marked the end of the dazzling season 3, unmasking the three remaining celebrities and finally revealing their identities. Robobunny, Panda, and Mushroom competed in the Grand Finals and only one of them would be the winner. Speculation ran wild in the final episode, as it did for all the other episodes. Judges Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan again sat on the jury.

Accompanying the judges in the process, the studio audience was an integral part of the elimination process. According to the format, the remaining three contestants had to put their musical abilities to the test and present their fabulous songs. Plus, they’ll have to run the numbers while putting on a goofy facade. This facade plays the main role in the mystery and intrigue that the show upholds.

Each of the judges, as well as the audience, both in the studio and at home, do their best to discern the singers’ elusive identities. Behind these masks are talented and amazing celebrities from an eclectic range of fields in the pop culture zeitgeist. So far, of the twelve candidates, only three remain who have still not been unmasked. To lift the mystery curtain on the three singers, the finale has begun.

Who is mushroom in Masked Singer
Mushroom came second, revealing itself to be Charlotte Church

The final face-off

As for the finale, the final episode of “The Masked Singer” Season 3 in the UK was a blast. After weeks of speculation and surprises and big chants, the number of contestants has dropped to just three – Robobunny, Mushroom and Panda. In last place among the finalists was Robobunny, who turned out to be Westlife star Mark Feehily. Mark explained how his costume worked from the inside.

Finalists and winner unmask

About his time on the show, Mark said it was challenging for him, but helped him explore his voice. He also revealed that he decided to participate because of his baby girl Layla. Mark had kept his participation a secret, even from his bandmates. He also went on to say that his experience on the show was an absolute pleasure. Meanwhile, Mushroom came in second, and when the mask fell, it turned out to be operatic singing sensation Charlotte Church.

Mo Gilligan was the only one on the panel who correctly guessed her identity. Finally, it’s time for the winner of the third season to unmask. Panda emerged victorious and unmasked to reveal Natalie Imbruglia. The “Torn” singer surprised everyone with her revelation. Natalie had real tasks to perform to conceal her identity. It went beyond just putting on the mask. She had to fake an American accent.

Who is Mark Feehily
Mark Feehily was in the Robobunny mask, finishing third in the Season 3 Final Battle

‘The Masked Singer’ UK Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date and Preview

‘The Masked Singer’ UK Season 3 Episode 9 has no release date. The third installment of the reality show has already ended with episode 8. With Panda emerging as the winner of the finale, the contestant, who was singer/actress Natalie Imbruglia, became the crowned masked singer among the twelve candidates. Although there is no ninth episode, the series is not really over. There are always seasons to come, and ‘The Masked Singer’ UK has already been renewed for two more seasons. We can expect the next season to drop anytime next year or maybe even sooner.

Watch ‘The Masked Singer’ UK Season 3 Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 3 Episode 9 in the UK will not air or be available to stream online. However, you can watch all episodes of season 3 as well as all previous seasons on ITV Player. The streaming platform is free for UK users. All you have to do is log in with your email address. ITV is also accessible as a standalone service through Britbox. Moreover, it is also available through the Amazon Prime Video Britbox add-on.

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