The King of Queens Ending Explained: Who Does Arthur End Up With?


King of Queens was a hugely popular American sitcom from the late 90s to early 10s. This gem of a sitcom is one of many people’s favorite sitcoms and is fondly remembered by everyone. The sitcom was airing on CBS, there is also a spin-off show that came out later. However, the show was not so successful and therefore ended quite quickly. If you like American sitcoms, we recommend that you go watch this show. However, if you’ve already watched it, you might want us to explain the King of Queens ending.

The sitcom was released in 1998, and gradually over time the series gained immense popularity in the first few seasons. After that, the show went off without a hitch and received numerous awards and accolades. There have been several nominations throughout the show’s run. Therefore, there is no doubt that the series could be considered an average series. To this day, King of Queens is still one of the most popular CBS sitcoms to air. It was also one of the most-watched sitcoms that had managed to last so long, up to that point.

The King of Queens Ending Explained

The series lasted around 9 seasons and the finale had 13 episodes. The finale lasted two episodes, and so people were holding their breath in 2007. The season finale left everyone shocked in the first half. However, in the second half, things cleared up. If you haven’t watched the series yet, we’ll warn you of any spoilers in advance. As we progressed to the finale, we learned that Doug and Carrie’s marriage was in jeopardy. Both seemed to stand at a crossroads, where there seemed to be no way out. Like any marriage, they had to make a decision. Carrie wanted to move on and settle in Manhattan, while Dough didn’t want to go anywhere else because her job was there.

king of queens ending explained
A scene from the finale.

As the arguments continue, we’re led to believe that this may be the end of our favorite couple on the sitcom. At that point, they learn that they are finally getting the baby adopted. However, the baby is in China and they have to pick it up. As they rush to the airport and board the plane. They discover that they are both on the same plane and end up fixing everything. They also learn that Carrie is pregnant with another child after battling infertility for several years.

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What becomes of Arthur?

Another important question you might have is what about Arthur? Well, if you’re nearing the finale, we learn that Arthur is set to marry Ava St. Clair. However, there was only one condition, and that was that the guy had to be gay. She was fed up with her failed marriages, however, she learns that Arthur is straight just before they get married. Therefore, he stands at the altar. In a desperate attempt, Arthur decides to marry Spence Olchin’s mother. Arthur and Veronica get married on the same day.

king of queens ending explained
A scene from the series.

However, at the very end of the finale, we see one last look at our characters. We find them a year later. Unfortunately, we learn that Arthur and Veronica are getting a divorce, but Doug and Carrie are happily married with two children. It could be considered a sort of happy ending. While you may have loved Arthur and Veronica’s pairing, it may have been done for the best.

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King of Queens Cast

Those who have ever watched the show know the show’s cast all too well. For those who want to know, let us introduce you to the cast of King of Queens. The main character of Doug Heffernan is played by Kevin James and Carrie Heffernan is played by Leah Remini. The other main character in the series is Arthur Spooner (by Jerry Stiller), Deacon Palmer (by Victor Williams), Spencer Olchin (by Patton Oswalt), Richard Iannucci (by Larry Romano), Daniel Heffernan (by Gary Valentine) and a much more. Therefore, if you have found one of your favorite actors in the cast, be sure to go watch the series as soon as possible.

You can watch the series here.

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