‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Filming Locations: Is It Really Set In Kerala, India?


Good Karma Hospital is back for a fourth season on ITV, providing some much-needed brightness in the dark UK winter months. After a two-year hiatus, the medical drama is back on our screens with six new episodes, two new doctors, and a slew of new patients to treat. While there will be new storylines, the cast and crew will return to their exotic destination to film the fourth series last year, so expect plenty of beautiful beaches and sunny footage.

Tiger Aspect Productions’ medical drama series The Good Karma Hospital airs on ITV. Amanda Redman, Amrita Acharia, James Krishna Floyd and Neil Morrissey star in this film. Ruby Walker, a young doctor, is disappointed with her life and her broken relationship and decides to leave the UK. She travels to South India after seeing an advertisement for a hospital job and ends up working at Good Karma Hospital, an underfunded and overworked field hospital run by an eccentric English expat, Dr Lydia Fonseca .

However, it wasn’t just the endearing characters and suspenseful stories that piqued viewers’ interest; the stunning beaches and tropical surroundings also piqued our interest. So, find out the answer to the question, Where was Good Karma Hospital filmed?

Good Karma Hospital filming locations: Set in India but not filmed there

The fourth season of the medical drama, like the previous three, is set in a hospital in southern India on the tropical coast of Malabar in the state of Kerala. The series, on the other hand, is not filmed in India at all. In reality, the cast and crew are filming in and around Galle, Sri Lanka. With sandy beaches, lush tropical woods and tea plantations, the region has a similar environment to Kerala. If you’re wondering why Sri Lanka was chosen over India, it all comes down to the weather: the series is usually shot during India’s monsoon season.

Where was Good Karma Hospital filmed
Unawatuna Beach Village

The main location is the beautiful seaside village of Unawatuna, but other footage was shot in cities like Colombo. Of course, it’s easy to see why Unawatuna caught the attention of the production team. It has long been a favorite spot for tourists, thanks to its stretches of golden sandy beaches, verdant flora and impressive coral reefs teeming with marine life, making it a popular destination for snorkeling and snorkeling. diving. A tropical beach in Sri Lanka with golden sand, azure waves and palm trees amidst greenery. Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches provide a stunning backdrop. Unawatuna Beach is, in fact, one of our top suggestions for places to visit on your to-do list.

A teacher training college is located behind Unawatuna Beach and serves as the setting for the hospital featured in the series. The show also highlights Weligama, a town in Matara district in southern Sri Lanka, as well as Hikkaduwa. The show’s producers used several of the city’s most scenic locations to film the series, and according to director Philip John, up to 600 locals are regularly used as extras.

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What do the actors think of filming in Sri Lanka?

As you’d expect, the ability to live and work in Sri Lanka for three months at a time is a dream come true for many UK-based cast members.

Neil Morrissey, who plays Greg McConnell on the show, has previously spoken about his experience filming on location in the area. He said the beach in southern Sri Lanka is beautiful during the day and has it all: sun, water, great surf, snorkeling and scuba diving. But it all comes alive in the evening: outside each restaurant there’s a table filled with mountains of fresh fish, prawns and squid – the best tuna he’s ever eaten. And behind the beach, in the middle of town, you’ll find The Good Karma Hospital, which is actually a teacher training school when they’re not filming.

Good Karma hospital season 4
Good Karma hospital season 4

According to Redman, it is one of the most beautiful countries he has ever visited, and it certainly feels like a second home to him. Plus, the welcome they get every year, from the same people they haven’t seen in years, is out of this world. He likes it.

Dr. Samir Hasan is played by Harki Bhambra, who says he enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a new country. It was amazing, he said. He had never been to Sri Lanka before, and the beauty of working there was that you could really immerse yourself in the culture – it wasn’t just a vacation or a two or three week trip; you got to know the people, the culture, the customs and the food.

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