The Giver Ending Explained: What Happened To Jonas?


Have you ever wondered how good the world would be if pain, hate and negativity were cut off? Now think of a world where emotions do not exist, neither hate nor love. Would you like to live in such a world? Well, to me, such a world would be all numb, boring, and maybe you can say it doesn’t make sense. Emotions are the colors of life, aren’t they? Well, for starters, that’s why “The Giver” starts out all in black and white.

Based on Lois Lowry’s novel of the same name, “The Giver” is a dystopian film. It showed a revamped world with such advanced technology that it is beyond the sufferings of any ordinary human life. This world has no colors, humans have no emotions. Individuals have been trained to take emotion suppression injections since their inception. The Giver is the story of Jonas, a young adult living in a truly perfect world. There is no envy among the citizens, the children are well taken care of, no adult is unemployed, everything seems perfect. They do not see colors but black and white.

All this was established by the “Elders”, who survived a terrible war (according to the book, the film does not reveal the exact cause). If you’re here, you’ve probably seen the movie, and lost sight of it! We’re here to help, here’s The Giver ending explained.

The End of the Giver Explained
Jonah and Fiona from The Giver

What happens at the dealer’s end?

As the film “The Giver” draws to a close, Jonas flees to “Elsewhere” with baby Gabriel. Jonas’ family was caring for the baby, but he was sent to the care center to be “released,” a substitute for the word “dead” in their world. Jonas takes the map and runs, climbs, falls, swims, but keeps moving forward to cross the tower. It would bring emotions, signified with colors, back into everyone’s lives. Even if the suffering returns, the love also returns. Well, to be human is to feel, to empathize, and well, to live.

Fiona helped Jonas escape from the world. She was then sent back on “release”. Jonas’ father is nevertheless given the task, just before the exit, Jonas crosses the towers, and everything returns to normal. People are starting to feel again. Jonas finds a sled in the snow, as he saw it in his memory. He then slides down the hill with Gabriel and reaches exactly where he arrived in his memory earlier. A house is there and children sing a song that can be heard from afar. Jonas hears music for the first time.

As he reaches the place, Jonas’ voice in the background says he believes Fiona is safe and they will see each other again soon. He adds that he is holding the future upright in his arms, pointing to Gabe. Now, at this point, one might wonder if Jonas is having hallucinations since this is all completely identical to the memory he had. But in my opinion, Jonas did it! He brought back real life.

Why did Jonah flee into the donor?
The end was indeed a new beginning

Taylor Swift played Rosemary in The Giver

In the movie, The Giver, Jonas was not the first memory receiver after the “giver”. Actually, it was Rosemary. She was the daughter of “the giver”. When they started training, the giver decided to only give Rosemary the good memories. He hid the painful memories. No wonder Rosemary loved being the catcher. She learned the piano through memories. But earlier she realized that something was wrong. She felt that the donor was not providing her with all the memories. They fought, argued, and finally the giver made her feel pain, suffering, in addition to loss.

Rosemary became so upset that she herself asked for her release. And she died.

Taylor Swift Movies
Taylor Swift as Rosemary in The Giver

Did Jonas survive in The Giver?

Yes, both Jonas and Gabe survive all the troubles and obstacles in their path. They finally arrive home! From the other point of view, even though he died and everything was hallucination before he died, Jonas still lived a life! Gabe too, for a very short time. But let’s stick to the first one.

The donor
He survived! They survived!

The former chief must be worried

She did her best not to let those vulnerable emotions return. She tried so hard she even caged love out of the world. It’s not his fault, though. She only tried to make the world a literally better place. But it seems the world is good as it is. Maybe we’re meant to be messed up here, we’ve got a perfect hereafter to live in, so let’s worship the imperfect until then. Because why not? We may as well respect the decision for the same as it was for a good cause. Even the colors were removed to avoid racial discrimination. But maybe a simple pinch of kindness would also do some good? If only we all did our part!

What happens at the dealer's end
Former Chief of The Giver

Where to watch The Giver?

The film is available on Netflix for streaming. You can also buy or rent the movie on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and iTunes. The runtime is 92 minutes, and it’s worth it!

Meet the Cast

Phillip Noyce directed the film. We see Jeff Bridges like The donor, holder of all the memories of life before the perfect world. then, we have Brenton Thwaites like Jonahthe memory receiver. Odeya Rush play FionaJonas’ love and best friend since childhood. Cameron Riley Monaghan play Asher in the film, Jonas’ other best friend. Let’s go to the elder chief, Meryl Streep killed the role honestly. Taylor Swift made a special appearance in “The Giver” as Rosemary. Many more talented actors were featured in the film.

Overall, the film is wonderful. Great job by the whole cast!

Movies based on novels
Jonah and the donor

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