The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 18 Release Date: The Embodiment of Naenia


We have several split yard anime that have returned this season, and this time The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 18 will be released next in its anime schedule. Another split yard anime that returned this season includes The attack of the Titans and Princes Yashahime. So it usually creates confusion about episode numbering and timing. A short split anime means it would generally run for its 24 episode season. But it will air in two separate seasons, with each part having around 12 or 13 episodes.

So for the second part some websites would mark them as part 2 of this anime and restart the numbered episodes from one. But for anime lovers, we know the usual norm is that the episode numbering would continue where the first part left off. So for this anime we have “The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 18” and also “The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 Episode 6” These will refer to the same episode. But due to the split yard format. We also added part 2 to the second yard, which just creates more naming format for this particular anime.

Still, it shouldn’t matter much because it doesn’t affect the anime’s storyline and background. So wherever we left off from the first courtyard of The Case Study of Vanitas, things should run smoothly without any interruptions.

With Naenia finally taking bodily form in the anime’s final episode, it looks like more issues will reoccur. Chloe approached Naenia to take a closer look because she wanted to interact with her. She intends to get rid of it as she seems overjoyed to finally be able to kill the Naenia Incarnate.

The Vanitas Case Study Episode 18 Release Date

Vanitas Episode 18 Case Study will be released on February 19, 2022. The anime aired on a Saturday airing slot, which also means that new episodes will air on Saturdays as well. This should further explore the origins of Naenia as she eventually took shape.

The Vanitas Case Study Episode 17 Highlights

Naenia finally took corporeal form, and now Chloe’s wish can come true as she wanted to kill him. But before that, she wants to discover a story that ran in her family. His father once told him that those born into nobility must protect the people of their fiefdom, and it is the pride of Apchier’s family to do so.

The Vanitas Episode 18 Case Study
The Vanitas Episode 18 Case Study

She seems to have trauma related to this as she couldn’t understand how unfair it is that no matter what happens or what the family does, she couldn’t hate them or kill them. So here, we also see his crazy side in action.

Even if things happened like that. She cannot bring herself to forgive Naenia and will seek revenge this time. So she moves in to kill Naenia as she is completely helpless in her incarnate form.

Meanwhile, a strange noise surrounds the castle and distresses all who hear it. Looks like the engine has finally been activated inside the castle, and that’s not good news for the outside as they’ve rushed to see what’s really going on.

One of Vanita’s experiments has gone wrong again. And we’ve seen that Naenia is in trouble because her incarnate form has left her vulnerable. Chloe is still trying to kill her, so things are in a tense and difficult situation as it already is.

Where to Watch Vanitas Episode 18 Case Study

You can watch The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 18 online at bilibili, Anime Hodai, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. The episode will air on Saturday at the start of JST time zone. So for some regions, by the time the episode arrives, it will still be late Friday due to time differences.

That’s when we can see how all this chaos will turn out as Vanitas, and her comrades will be eager to save Naenia.

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