Tamil Action Thriller ‘Mahaan’ Trailer Released

TrailerTrailer From Tamil Action Thriller 'Mahaan' Released From Tamil Action Thriller 'Mahaan' Released
Tamil Action Thriller Trailer ‘Mahaan’ Released (Pic Credit: Youtube/Amazon Prime Video India)

Chennai, Feb 3 (IANS) The team of director Karthik Subbaraj’s ‘Mahaan’, starring Vikram and Dhruv Vikram, released the trailer for the highly anticipated action thriller on Thursday.

The fast-paced Mahaan trailer takes us through the story of a humble man going through a personal crisis after his family leaves him, when one day he finds himself out of step with his straightforward and principled life.

He moves on without them to realize his ambitions, but even when he reaches the pinnacle of success, he misses his son’s presence and wants him back in his life. What follows is an action-packed story with unexpected events in his life that take him through highs and lows and change the course of his existence.

“Mahaan is a labor of love for me with a strong cast and crew who support me by going above and beyond,” said director Karthik Subbaraj. The film will premiere on Prime Video.

“It is always a pleasure to work with Vikram, and ‘Mahaan’ is extra special as it is the 60th film in his extensive and distinguished career. The film also gave me the opportunity to bring together and direct the dynamic father-son duo Vikram and Dhruv in their first ever on-screen together,” said Karthik Subbaraj.

“I am convinced that fans and audiences will love seeing them light up the screens with their own unique creativity moving in perfect harmony with the other,” added Subbaraj.

Actor Chiyaan Vikram, who plays the titular role, said that ‘Mahaan’ will captivate the audience “at the end with its perfect blend of action and drama, balanced by intense emotions”.

Vikram explained: “My character in the film has multiple shades and it was very interesting to move from one emotion to another as the story progressed. It’s also an extra special movie for me, of course – one, because I’m reaching a milestone in my cinematic journey with this my 60th movie, and two, because my son Dhruv Vikram plays my real-life son in it. ”

About his son’s acting skills, Vikram said, “He worked very hard for this role and I am very proud of him.” He added: “Working with such a talented director like Kartik Subbaraj, who has exactly this vision for what he wants as the end result, is always a pleasure.”

Dhruv Vikram spoke for himself: “This is my first time sharing screen space with my father and that too in a role portraying his son. He is a very talented man with an excellent understanding of the trade and I can learn so much from him.”

Dhruv Vikram added: “Working under the direction of Karthik Subbaraj sir was an amazing experience and he guided me through the film, allowing me to deeply understand the nuances and intensity of my character. It really brought out the best in me and I hope the audience enjoys my performance and the film.”

Simran, the lead actress, shared her thoughts on the film: “It was a wonderful experience working with Vikram and Karthik again – this time with ‘Mahaan’. The film is an action packed entertainer with lots of emotion and drama throughout the story.”

About the character she plays, the actress said: “Nachi, my character in the film, is a humble, simple woman who lives a simple life with her small and loving family, and how her world collapses when her husband strays from an idealistic to live. I’m sure viewers will absolutely love the film with its gripping storyline.”

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