Sunny Leone’s PAN Card which was used to take out a loan worth Rs 2000; Actress Reveals: “Some Idiot Ruined My CIBIL Score”

Sunny Leone becomes a victim of identity theft and loan fraud, claims her credit has been dented;  read more
Sunny Leone falls victim to identity theft and loan fraud, claims her credit score has taken a hit (Photo Credit – Sunny Leone / Instagram)

Actress Sunny Leone caused quite a stir when she stepped into the Bigg Boss 5 house in 2013. Now she is one of the sought after actresses in Bollywood. Once again, the actress caused a stir on social media about identity theft. Scroll down to know more.

The actress took to Twitter on Thursday, claiming that a miscreant used her PAN card to obtain a loan of Rs 2,000, which has impacted her credit score. She even accused India Bulls Securities of doing nothing to help her.

Sunny Leone tweeted: “This just happened to me. DISTURBED. Some idiot used my Pan to take out a 2000 RS loan and FCK had my CIBIL score and @IVLSecurities did nothing to help sort. HOW CAN INDIA BULLS ALLOW THIS @ibhomeloans @CIBIL_Official”

Shortly after her tweet, the actress followed up with another tweet claiming that Indiabulls Securities Limited and Indiabulls Home Loans resolved her issue immediately. She even thanked them. “Thank you @IVLSecurities @ibhomeloans @CIBIL_Official for solving this quickly and making sure it NEVER happens again. I know you will take care of all others who have problems to prevent this in the future. NO ONE WANT TO DEAL WITH A BAD CIBIL!!! I ref. to my previous post (sic).”

Sunny Leone’s tweet opened a flood of complaints from other victims. Several complainants have alleged that they are faced with reminders from debt collection agencies for loans they never took. This has impacted their credit scores as the credit reports list loans that they have never used as default.

The problem seems to go back to November last year. A journalist Aditya Kalra warned about the matter a few days ago. He wrote: “Shocking revelation in my credit report. A loan disbursed by IVL Finance (Indiabulls) Dhani with my PAN number and name, addresses in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. I have no idea. How can a disbursement be made to my name and PAN ? Already in default.”

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