Sunghoon’s Story Of Figure Skating 


Kpop idol Sunghoon is known around the world as one of the members of Enhyphen. However, this time he shares another part of his story. Before becoming a major Kpop phenomenon, he was an award-winning figure skater. Although he now had millions of fans shouting his name, back then too he was attracting attention. But few new fans know about Sunghoon and his life during the figure skating era.

Quite surprising beginnings in figure skating lead him to take lessons and even to participate in major competitions. It was only a few years ago that he quit the job to devote himself entirely to his acquired role, Kpop idol and member of the group Enhyphen, which debuted in 2020. As a child, he dreamed of performing at the Olympics and naturally has great respect for athletes. While training in figure skating, he practiced with current major figures like Cha Jun Hwan and Lee Si Hyeong.

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Sunghoon’s Figure Skating History

Sunghoon, during a chat with Weverse Magazine, mentioned that he was previously an ice hockey player. His journey as a figure skater started quite abruptly when one day he borrowed someone’s skates and when he tried it filled him with happiness. He enjoyed the process, and from then on he loved the sport. According to him, the first experience was not overwhelming as he had direct experience of ice hockey. Another thing that drew him to her was that there was no type of equipment, so it was much lighter.

Sunghoon with his first love Figure Skating

Then comes the part where many of us dread before starting anything out of the box, but for Sunghoon, fate has been in his favor. When he told his parents about his affection, they showed complete support, and even they were the ones who signed up for his classes. Since he knew the basics, it wasn’t hard to grasp the whole concept. After completing all levels, he began to participate in competitions.

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From Love to Love: Figure Skating Is Something Sunghoon Will Always Cherish

Although her entry into the world of figure skating was not planned, Sunghoon finally fell for the sport. Initially, for him, it was just one more activity that added to his happiness. However, it was after winning the National Winter Sports Festival that he realized his love for the sport. Through this, he boosted his conference and made himself believe that he could do so at competitive levels as well.

Sunghoon mentioned how hard work was the key to his success, as if he first stumbled many times. However, he continued to do so. Whenever he used to score well, the adrenaline rush he felt was one of the main reasons why he loved the sport so much. Dealing with a new skill is difficult in the first place, although learning a new technique every time he practiced was something he enjoyed. So for him, whenever his hard work brought fruitful results, he was extremely proud of himself. Well it should be.

When difficulties are part of life

Despite so much constant effort and love, it’s not always a bed of roses, even if you have a profession you love. Each profession has its own challenges, and Sunghoon has overcome them as well. He mentioned his lowest point, where he felt emotionally drained. It was when he was on an SBS show, Crayons In My Mind. He was very young at the time, only 12 years old.


To overcome the crisis, he trained day and night to perfect his moves. However, sometimes his expectations played the role of the demon in his life. It was only natural to be in an emotionally turbulent phase considering he was arguing with his parents and annoyed that he didn’t get the moves right.

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