Suho Pens A Heartwarming Letter To EXO-L After Military Discharge


After his military discharge, EXO leader Suho wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans. But it’s not that. The singer and actor is also preparing a surprise for his fans. In a handwritten note, EXO member Suho talked about his life during military service. He addressed his letter to EXO-L (fandom name) and mentioned how he misses them the most. Fans are thrilled with his return. Also, they wonder about Suho’s gift, which he said in his letter.

On February 14, EXO member and leader Suho was released after completing his military service. The singer-songwriter took to Instagram to post a handwritten letter to his fans and followers. The singer conveyed his thoughts in his letter and thanked his fans for waiting for him religiously.

EXO-L interacted with him by flooding the comments section. Also, they showered Suho with touching wishes and thoughtful words.

EXO Member Suho Writes Heartwarming Letter To Fans After Discharged From Army

Suho began his letter by announcing that he was finally released from military service. And, first of all, he wrote in his letter that he missed EXO-L the most. He mentioned that his time during his service was important because of EXO-L. Moreover, he also missed EXO members in one year and nine months of his service.

Suho joked that the EXO members and EXO-L miss him so much that he once dreamed of being at a concert with everyone. Looks like Suho can’t wait to rock the stage and meet his fans.

EXO Suho Army Unleashed
credit: Suho/Instagram

Moreover, he wrote, “If even waiting in itself is joyful, then it is love. The singer shared that he thinks the waiting period has made the love and connection between him and the fans grow even more.

In the end, Suho said he would never stay apart from EXO-L again. Also, if he could hug them, he would do it tightly. Therefore, to show his love for EXO-L, Suho prepares a gift.

He concluded the letter by mentioning how he missed the silver light.

Welcome back, Suho!

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