Street Fighter 6: Gameplay, Plot & Everything Else To Know


Capcom has finally announced the sixth installment in the long-running Street Fighter fighting franchise. Capcom’s reveal of Street Fighter 6 is the 35th anniversary celebration of the Street Fighter franchise. What does the trailer for the next title in the franchise show? Is there something new? When will Street Fighter 6 be released? In this blog, we will discuss everything we know about Street Fighter 6 in detail. Street Fighter is a fighting video game franchise that started in 1987. Capcom developed the first game for arcade systems. Street Fighter brought many innovations to the fighting games that followed it. The sequel to the franchise called Street Fighter II was released in 1991.

One of the best games in the franchise, Street Fighter II is one of the best games from the golden age of arcade video games. Street Fighter II generated over $10 billion in revenue for the company. Street Fighter III was released in 1997 for arcade systems and in 1999 for Sega Dreamcast. This game introduced a cast of brand new characters. The next game in the franchise, Street Fighter IV was released in 2008 for Arcade and PC consoles. After the lukewarm response to the franchise’s third game, Capcom worked hard on this game. The franchise’s first game with 3D models, textures, and environments, Street Fighter IV, was a critical and commercial success. Street Fighter V was released in 2016 for a PlayStation 4 and PC console exclusive. The fifth installment was positively received and commercially successful. Street Fighter has also spawned other media, like manga adaptations, manhua adaptations, comics, movies, spin-off games, live-action movies, and more.

What to expect from Street Fighter 6

Last week, one of Japan’s leading game developers and publishers, Capcom, launched a mysterious website. The mysterious website contained nothing but a timer. The clock ended on February 21. What did it reveal? Capcom, after the clock ran out, revealed the sequel to one of its famous fighting games, Street Fighter.


Over on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel, Capcom has revealed the upcoming sequel to the entry, Street Fighter 6. Many fans are already speculating that this is Street Fighter 6, as August 2022 will mark the 35th anniversary of the franchise. As of this writing, the trailer has surpassed over two and a half million views on YouTube.


The Street Fighter 6 trailer was short and uninformative. But the trailer, however, showed off the new look the game will take on. The trailer begins with Ryu’s clenched fist with detailed gloves. It switches to Ryu’s forearm, again with the details. We then see Ryu’s upper body. Capcom clearly shows the improvements, mostly visual, that Street Fighter 6 will bring to the franchise. The lighting and shadows cast on Ryu’s body are worth noticing. The brawny character details we can expect, with Ryu as an example, is another thing Capcom is flaunting. The trailer then shows another character, which is Luke. Luke then asks Ryu if he is ready or not. Capcom, even here, shows the details of the game. Luke and Ryu prepare for battle, where as Luke attacks, the title of the game appears. Also worth noting is the game’s logo change. The trailer ends with nothing else revealed.

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Street Fighter 6: Release date

When can fans expect Street Fighter 6 to release? Maybe this year or next? The ever-obvious release date was going to be the first thing fans were going to ask. And the trailer did absolutely nothing about that.

Unfortunately, there is no release date at the moment, and on which platform it will also be unknown. However, Capcom has confirmed that the next major details for Street Fighter 6 will be in the summer of 2022. Capcom may refer to E3 or Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

Fans should also search social media, especially Twitter, of Street Fighter and Capcom as they can post other small details like character designs, story ideas, etc.

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