Steam finally shows the size of a game before you click install


Valve lets Steam users see the size of a game before attempting to install it. Game library pages will eventually show the total space required for a game, without having to click install first to see details of disk space and estimated download time. It’s a minor change that’s rolling out this week as part of a beta update to Steam, meaning it should be live for all Steam users in the coming weeks.

The change comes after Valve updated its download page to make it a lot more informative in September. The overhaul included an improved storage management section, as well as more details about download and installation progress.

Valve redesigned its Steam libraries in 2019, making it easier to find games, see what friends are playing, and follow updates or news from game developers. Both Discord and Epic Games Store pushed Valve to modernize Steam, which often fell behind in usability and design.

The latest download changes come just as Valve prepares to launch its Steam Deck handheld, and are undoubtedly designed to improve the experience there. The Steam Deck will go on sale February 25.

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