Stand-up comedian Sumukhi Suresh creates her own platform ‘Motormouth’, says: “I think it’s very important to have a space for women in entertainment”

Comedian Sumukhi Suresh Creates Her Own Platform 'Motormouth' For Female Writers - Check Out!
Sumukhi Suresh creates her own platform ‘Motormouth’ (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Comedian and actress Sumukhi Suresh, who launched her own content platform called “Motormouth” to create more space for female voices in the entertainment space, says mediocre content doesn’t find an audience, only “too good” or “too bad” content gets all the eyes.

Sharing the thinking behind ‘Motormouth’, Sumukhi told IANS: “We’ve all realized that during the pandemic, writers and content creators became the busiest people in the creative space. We’ve seen so many content creators in the last two years. like mushrooms sprouting from the ground.

Sumukhi Suresh said: “The nice thing is that there are only two types of content that work in the digital space, it’s either too good or too bad. You have to watch too good content because of peer pressure, because a good movie/story/content gets attention through mouth “of mouth. And even if the content is too bad, we tend to watch it together and whine about it! So really, there’s no room for mediocrity.”

So, where does ‘Motormouth’ say? Sumukhi Suresh told IANS: “It’s meant to encourage the too-good content of various writers and mostly female writers. I’m creating content with a few other writers and we’re working in a writer’s room. So I thought I’d might as well give it a name and welcome more like-minded talents like this to develop stories and eventually approach production houses.”

‘Motormouth’ is a marketplace for stories and a content house that will create and promote shows, movies and a variety of other content.

Sumukhi is known for her stand-up comedy shows in live performances, participating in and mentoring shows such as ‘Comicstaan’ and ‘One Mic Stand’, and creating the Amazon Prime Video show ‘Pushpavalli’ where she made her acting debut .

Asked about why she feels the need to create more space for female content creators and storytellers, Sumukhi said, “I think it’s so important to have a space for women in entertainment. And when I say ‘voice’, I don’t have to. That doesn’t always have to be a protest or social posts; it can just be fun!

“Writing jokes about girls and taking them with a grain of salt, laughing at them is just as much fun! To me, four girls getting together and having their own chatter is equally feminist! Sure, the gender equality conversation is important, but we can get the message across in the form of entertainment.

Sumukhi Suresh said, “That’s why more women’s voices should come out. Now if someone calls me a ‘female comedian’ I don’t mind the tag because when I see me, if a girl gets inspired somewhere and writes her own story, that’s the end goal I want to achieve!”

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