Squid Game’s Hoyeon Releases Her Latest Vlog


Squid Game Hoyeon is beaming into the limelight after her breakout role in Netflix’s Squid Game. It’s obvious that people want to know more about the actress: her Instagram effortlessly garnered 23.4 million followers, making her the second most followed Korean actress on the social media site. But did you know that she has her own vlog currently releasing with episodes on YouTube? Yes, Hoyeon’s management agency Saram Entertainment’s YouTube channel is releasing vlog after vlog to show us fans a glimpse into Jung Hoyeon’s real life.

In Hyoyeon’s latest vlog, we follow his round trips to his schedules in the USA, mainly LA and New York. Hoyeon shares behind the scenes of her solo magazine shoots. We start with a photo shoot in LA. We can see her joking around with her makeup artists and other staff, as she jokingly describes how her manager is her videographer, choreographer and everything else. Everyone wants to click photos with the new famous Hoyeon, including the “boss” during the photo shoot, which was a very cute moment in the vlog.

Squid Game Hoyeon Vlogs with his co-stars; Presents the Gotham Awards

We’re taken behind the scenes of yet another photoshoot, but this time Hoyeon is joined by her Squid Game co-stars Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo. You have to watch the vlog for the adorable moments Hoyeon shared with Park Hae Soo, joking about how they have to speak in English now that they are in the United States. Then we follow her to New York – she tells us her tensions are running high because of her busy schedule. An interview, then a fitting, then another fitting, a meeting, a rehearsal, then the CFDA Fashion Awards, then back to LA – phew!

hoyeon squid game
Jung Hoyeon with Squid Game co-stars Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-soo | credit: Saram Ent.

Hoyeon takes some time to talk about her new favorite Korean artists while she puts on her makeup, as the staff explains that these are just the big pop groups Westerners know about. The artist she’s talking about is sogumm, in case you’re interested, and she’s an independent Korean singer with a mumbling style way of singing. We see her displaying her perfect English skills at the screening of Squid Game SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) and again during a presentation at the Gotham Awards.

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More Squid Game Jung Hoyeon Vlogs

If you enjoyed this Squid Game Hoyeon vlog, then there’s plenty more where this came from, the Saram Ent. The Youtube channel has released eight Hoyeon vlogs so far where she goes through her daily life, working hard on her busy schedules, introducing viewers to her family, a soothing holiday vlog on Jeju Island in South Korea, a fashion and style video, and more! Indeed, if you are a fan of Hoyeon, you will fall in love with his witty vlogs, and if you are not a fan, you will be.

hoyeon squid game
Jung Hoyeon with Park Haesoo | credit: Saram Ent

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Learn more about Jung Hoyeon

Surely you’ve heard of Squid Game, and if you haven’t, kudos to you because it’s a special trait to brag about. Joking aside, Jung Hoyeon is one of the many stars of the Netflix survival drama TV series Squid Game; she played the role of Kang Sae Byeok, a defector from North Korea who entered the survival game in order to build a better future for his little brother.

hoyeon squid game
Jung Hoyeon as Saebyeok, his Squid Game character | Credit: Netflix

Jung Hoyeon was a professional model who had worked with various high-profile fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and walked for Paris and Seoul Fashion Weeks, before singing with Saram Entertainment in 2020 and making her acting debut in Squid Game. in 2021. Recently, she was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for “Outstanding Performance by an Actress”.

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