Soul Eater Reference In Fire Force Last Chapter


Fire Force is one of the most bubbly anime in the anime genre industry, and recently its latest chapter was released worldwide, which shook the entire Fire Force fandom as well as the creator’s other work, Soul Eater. The final chapter completely surprised fans with its ultimate action and a major reveal that fans least expected. The internet is full of fake news, so we decided to cover this topic with credibility and in full.

Fire Force is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo. It was he who wrote the famous manga Soul Eater. Fire Force revolves around the Infernals and the special Fire Force company. Shinra, the main protagonist of the series, is the young third-generation pyrokinetic who earned the nickname Devil Footprints because he is able to ignite his feet whenever he wishes. He joined Company 8 to abolish all Infernals. Shinra later discovered that the fire that killed his mother was the cover to kidnap his brother Sho by the White Clad group. Their motive is to bring together eight individuals like Shinra and Sho to repeat the cataclysm in order to revive a legendary being who shook all of humanity in the past.

Soul Eater Reference in Fire Force Final Chapter

In the latest chapter of the popular Fire Force manga, it has been officially confirmed that Fire Force is the prequel to Okubo’s popular manga, Soul Eater. In the last chapter, we saw a glimpse of Excalibur, the main character of Soul Eater, as well as the first witch in the bonus panels. It’s also confirmed that Fire Force is set way back in time than the Soul Eater storyline, as we already know Excalibur, which is 800 years old.

Soul Eater has 113 chapters in total and 51 episode anime developed by Bones Studio. Much like Shinra, in Soul Eater the main protagonist is Maka, whose ultimate weapon is death. We were already aware of the creepy moon and sun in both anime, which gave us the main clue of their connection in the early episodes.

Where to read Soul Eater & Fireforce?

Fire Force and Soul Eater, both manga, are available to read and buy on major e-commerce sites, like Amazon. At Otakukart, we always encourage our readers to use legal sites to make purchases, as it helps creators financially and motivates them to keep doing great work.

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