Sony proves PS4 owners can play Horizon Forbidden West with a short clip


Horizon Forbidden West comes out on February 18, and while Sony has spent most of its time presenting the upcoming open-world title on the PlayStation 5’s powerful next-gen hardware, the game is also comes out for the older PlayStation 4 consoles. To prove it, developer Guerrilla Games has shown an – extremely short – preview of the game running on a vanilla PlayStation 4 for the first time.

Ever since Horizon Forbidden West was first announced in June 2020, Guerrilla Games has almost exclusively shown footage of the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to the PS5. A short blog post at the end of January showed PS4 Pro clips, but basic PS4 gameplay has been scarce so far (just nine days before release).

The 22 second clip doesn’t give the best idea of ​​how Forbidden West will actually run on Sony’s least powerful console to get the game – nor is it a particularly graphically intensive series. But it’s good to know that a console released in 2013 can have an AAA flagship title for its next-generation successor, while still looking pretty good.

And with Horizon Forbidden West released soon, it’s probably only a matter of time before players can get a better sense of how the game actually runs on older hardware. Anyway, players are better off buying the PS4 edition of the game (which costs $10 less but still has a free PS5 upgrade after player backlash).

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