Sonny Boy Season 2: Is There Another Season?


Sonny Boy Season 2 is highly anticipated and every viewer is eager to hear about it. The series gave us 12 very beautifully crafted episodes in Sonny Boy Season 1. A job well done, and all credit goes to Madhouse Studio, which gave us a lot of great anime series. Madhouse debuted in 1973 with the first series, Aim for the Ace! which lasted a year and was quite remarkable for a beginner. Since then he has continued to create series, and for this year too he has gotten some new projects which should be just as wonderful as ever. For this year, he plans to release new series “The Police in the Capsule” and “Bibliophile Princess”. His recent works include ‘The Vampire Dies In No Time’, ‘Takt Op. Destiny’ and ‘Sonny boy’.

Takt Op. Fate is over, and so on The vampire dies in no time, none of them are renewed with a season. However, Sonny Boy Season 2 is in high demand and the creators might release the series. Based on season 1 revenue, a season 2 ad can be really profitable for creators. Due to much anticipation, Madhouse is expected to announce this as a project this year. But not everything goes as we expect. So we have a lot to dig into this matter and whether we are going to get a renewed season of Sonny Boy or not.

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About Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy is an original anime series that focuses on sci-fi survival concepts and belongs to the shonen genre. The plot of the series was written by Shingo Natsume which was later adapted into an anime series. As mentioned above, the series was created by Madhouse Studio under creator Shingo Natsume. A team of producers contributed to its production, and this team included Motoki Mukaichi, Isao Ishikawa, Jitsurou Kikuchi, Kensaku Wada, Yuuko Matsui, and Ayuri Taguchi. All of the wonderful scene and screen timing was made possible thanks again to Shingo Natsume, who directed the script. He came across local networks like Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, BS Asahi and RAB. As for the international broadcast, it has been licensed by Funimation and Medialink.

The series aired from July 16, 2021 to October 1, 2021 and aired a run of 12 episodes. Its plot is really very interesting and engaging as it involves the concept of different dimensions and lots of sci-fi stuff. The plot centers on the protagonist named Nagara, who along with his classmates and transfer student Nozomi. Mizuho, ​​the mysterious guy, accompanied them and was transported to another dimension. Upon entering “This World”, they discover how different everything is and that it has its own set of physical rules. All try to return home and realize that they also have supernatural powers. However, amidst all the chaos and events, they struggle to manage their own interpersonal relationships.

Sonny Boy season 2 - Will it happen?
sonny boy

About Nagara

Nagara is the main character of the Sonny Boy series and is the third year junior. Being a high school student, Nagara is a very young boy and has a very good appearance. He has long wavy black hair with brown eyes. Throughout the series, you will see him wearing his school uniform consisting of a white shirt and blue tie. As for his personality, Nagara gets bored of his surroundings very quickly and wants other things to entertain him. Before being transferred to this mysterious world, he was even bored to the point of wanting to end his life. His social skills are really bad and he can’t even have quality communication with only his family members. At school too, he does not talk to other students and keeps his distance while giving them a cold attitude.

While in the normal world, he was an ordinary guy, but after entering this alternate dimension, he gained powers. As of now, the powers he has developed have no particular name but are used to describe him as “Warp” or “Escape”. However, his powers are described as he used them to create “This World” with different sizes and rules. He also enveloped himself and others in the previously created “This World”. As the series progressed, he realized how he could use his powers to traverse different dimensions. He also realized that as he can, he can take his friends with him and can finally go home.

Sonny Boy Season 2

Previously on Season 1 of Sonny Boy

The series began with Nagara lying on the school floor scrolling through his cell phone. Then Mizuho comes in and asks what is the fun of lying like that on the floor. It seems their school is already in the other dimension as they talk about superpowers. Mizuho wonders if this is “utopia” or “hell” and looks out the school window, which appears completely black. It was a super regular summer vacation at the high school where the protagonist Nagara is studying. One fateful day, the whole school was mysteriously transported to another dimension. At first, all the students were very puzzled and shocked by the event, but later they started thinking about this unusual occurrence.

They try to find ways to get home but end up failing each time. In the very first episode, it seems like they’ve already given up hope as everyone seems really domestic and calm, just hoping for it all to end soon. The environment feels very boring, as do the characters, and the initial plot progression is very slow. However, a lot has happened on the show and all the characters eventually gain some type of superpower that helped them escape the place. Eventually, in the end, they all went home, but unfortunately, all of them lost their memory of all those times. Except for the protagonists Nagara and Mizuho, ​​who had the memory of every event.

Sonny Boy season 1 recap
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Sonny Boy season 2 – Will it happen?

Sonny Boy Season 1 premiered on July 16, 2021, it aired until October 1, 2021 and ended with 12 episodes. He showed some great work from Madhouse Studio, which was kind of expected of him since his previous works speak volumes. It’s only been a few months since Season 1 ended, and so far, we don’t have any updates on that. Even the latest plans for 2022 announced by Madhouse Studio do not include Sonny Boy Season 2’s name anywhere. this subject.

A renewal also depends on writer Shingo Natsume and his perceptions of the series’ future. As for Natsume, he will never miss an opportunity to give the details whenever they plan to resume the series with a season 2. So based on no official word from any authoritative source, we’re resting the case on the assumption that we’re not getting a season 2 now.

sonny boy
sonny boy

Sonny Boy Season 2 Speculations

Officials of the Sonny Boy anime series haven’t said a word so far, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating on the possibilities. Sonny Boy Season 1 ended with a final scene where Gagara, along with Mizuho, ​​appears to be back in his original dimension. On the surface, all seems well since that was their motivation throughout the series. But if we watch it carefully, we can see that the plot gave a very loose ending. The conclusion didn’t give the reason for Nagara and Mizuho’s memories intact while the rest of the students remained blank. It gives us an opening to think that here we have a lot to catch up on.

On top of that, the series was a super hit and had a very good response. We can simply say that the production house has managed to make quite a significant income from it and that the renewal will benefit them. However, we still can’t say anything until an official announcement appears. We can only hope for the best and can assume that Sonny Boy Season 2 will be released by 2023, and if not, it’s all up to the creators.

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