Son Ye Jin Gives A Sweet Shout Out To Hyun Bin, Talks About Career And Her Journey At tvN Talk Show


Son Ye Jin recently appeared on tvN’s talk show, You quiz on the block. Son Ye Jin recently made headlines because of her latest drama and her engagement to former co-star Hyun Bin. the Thirty nine The actress opened up about her career, reflected on her journey and her title as the “nation’s first love.” However, what got fans the most excited about her appearance on the show was Son Ye Jin’s big reveal about her first love and relationship with Hyun Bin.

Son Ye Jin, who recently turned 40 (international age), was heralded as “the nation’s first love” after starring in 2000s romance films like “The Classic” and “A Moment to Remember. “. During his time on the final episode of You quixz on the block, she explained how she designed her career over the past 20 years. And how she feels about turning 40.

Son Ye Jin worked hard to retain the title as long as possible. Therefore, she did her best whenever she was used to portraying a new character on screen. Son Ye Jin’s latest drama, Thirty nine, had its big premiere last night. Between all the exciting new chapters for the actress, she appeared as a guest on You quiz on the block February 16.

Son Ye Jin Talks About Her Career And Journey

While appearing on tvN’s reality talk show, Son Ye Jin casually looked back on her career and turning 40. She said she couldn’t believe she had turned 40. “Even now, I still can’t believe my age,” the actress says. Going forward, Ye-Jin shared that while she was in her twenties, she was never satisfied with acting. Thus, she would wait until she was 30 as soon as possible to act like the older actresses she looked up to. Moreover, Son Ye Jin explained that she used to think that getting older would help her improve her game.

Son Ye Jin talks about Hyun Bin

Diving deeper, the actress then opened up about her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. During the interview, the actress said that she wanted to be an actress since middle school. She always had thousands of emotions and feelings inside her, which she didn’t like to express through any other line of work. Therefore, she wanted to express everything through her acting. The host then asked her to never take a break throughout her 20-year journey. The actress responded and said that even when she wanted to take breaks and later got a good script, she would work on it.

What’s the secret to being a great actor in the romance genre, the host asked him. She told him that she doesn’t think theater is divided into specific genres. According to Crash landing on you actress, people who are good at comedy are also good at romance and action. However, she thinks people enjoy seeing her portray romantic characters.

Who is Son Ye Jin’s first love? The actress sends a sweet shout out to Hyun Bin

After winning hearts with her beautiful smile and performing in the early 2000s, Son Ye Jin continued to make bigger plans. However, his early work won him the “Nation’s, First Love”. When the host asked about her title, she said she wanted to keep the title for as long as she could.

“How much longer can I hear people call me that?” Son Ye Jin asked candidly. She said she would like to hear the nickname for a long time. However, over time, she would eventually get a new one depending on her age.

Son ye Jin

The host then asked playful questions about “the nation’s first love of love.” Son Ye Jin laughed shyly and told her that her fiancé, Hyun Bin, was her current first love.

Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Starred In Global Hit K-Drama Together Crash landing on you. Their relationship was confirmed on January 1, 2021 and the two will soon be getting married in March 2022.

You Can Watch Son Ye Jin In Her New Drama Thirty nine here.

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