Sofia Jirau: Victoria’s Secret First Model With Down Syndrome: Who is She?


Sofia Jiaru is Victoria’s Secret’s very first model with Down syndrome and she made history with this feat. Jirau started her professional modeling career in 2019, when she was 23 years old. This beautiful model is from Puerto Rican origin. Ever since the lady entered the modeling world, she has inspired others with her confidence and beauty despite her obvious struggles.

On February 15, 2022, she took to Instagram to share the inspiring news of becoming the first model with Down syndrome to present Victoria’s Secret. She thanked the magazine for the opportunity as she made her way to the big stage. She will be modeling for this brand’s unique range which mainly focuses on women’s fashion.

She was seen quoting ‘”Inside and out, There are no limitsAlavett!

Sofia Jirau Net Worth

As of February 2022, Victoria’s Secret model, Sofia Jirua’s net worth is $600,000. She has been a model for the past three years and has already achieved so much to love, she is truly a huge inspiration to the whole world.

His main source of income is modeling, photo shoots and runway. In 2019, at New York Fashion Week, Sofia came to notice. She walked down the catwalk introducing Puerto Rican fashion designer Marisa Santiago. Since then, she has always been appreciated and encouraged by a large number of people. She is one of the few models with Down syndrome to have participated in such a beautiful platform.

Learn more about Sofia Jirau

Sofia Jirau was born in 1997, in Puerto Rico (she is 24 years old in 2022). Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island, not very famous but of course Sofia has made the island more popular than ever. Jirau continues to post and update his fans, mostly through Instagram. Even his last article (dated February 17, 2022) is dedicated to the island. No wonder Sofia Jirau made her family and her nation proud. But not only that, she proved to the whole world that nothing can stop a person who is ready to achieve their goals!

Who is Sofia Jirau?  What is Sofia Jirau net worth
From Sofia Jirau’s Instagram

Sofia Jirau: Victoria’s Secret model

Although she has always amazed audiences with her confident gait and flawless good looks, Jirau is most popular as the very first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome. Indeed, this is a huge step taken by Victoria’s Secret towards empowering women as well as all people with Down syndrome.

But this isn’t her first big accomplishment, Sofia has been noticed by a slew of media during several of her rides on the slopes. She has her own brand, in fact, which bears her name. Some of the amazing moments that must have motivated her to keep going are the media coverage of her performance by Vogue MexicoPeople magazine, etc.. Obviously, this magnificent model conquers the whole world with its spirit.

Net Worth of Sofia Jirau 2022
Sofia posing for her brand.

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