Slow Loop Episode 8 Release Date: Summer Festivities Start


It’s finally time for the summer festivities, with Episode 8 of Slow Loop coming up while Futaba and his friends plan what to do next. This means that they will also have to focus on several academic activities. With summer homework looming, they decided they could either do social studies or science, because that’s one of the hardest things. But as usual, it sparked a debate as each of them wants their idea to come first. Koi was the one to settle things and suggested that instead of competing, it would be better if they helped each other.

Koharu suggested that she would help with English since she used to attend English classes. She seems to have trouble with foreign names, so Koi teased her about it since she willingly wanted to help with the subject.

Frustrated by this, Koharu challenged Koi, and the rules will be that they will no longer use Japanese when conversing to see who is the better English speaker between the two. Knowing that she is not very good at structuring sentences, Koharu pushes Koi to use names of things around the house as she knows Koi has trouble with them.

And that fixed things between them even though Koi couldn’t say much. Hiyori finds Koharu’s pronunciation perfect even though she still struggles with the tongue here and there.

Slow Loop Episode 8 Release Date

Slow Loop Episode 8 will be released on friday February 25, 2022. As usual, the anime will air its new episodes every Friday JST. Although there are time differences for international fans, your local time may slightly affect when you can get new episodes.

Previously on episode 7 of Slow Loop

As one of the slice-of-life anime this season, Slow Loop continues to look at the lives of its main characters and how they deal with different situations. It is more focused on character interaction and development. That’s why we have a particular fandom that follows anime like this whenever a new one of the genre emerges.

Slow Loop Episode 8
Slow loop

The final episodes of the anime centered around summer homework that Hiyori and her friends try to help each other out with. As usual, Koi voiced the dominant personality that easily gets her out of tough situations, such as when she noticed Koharu went too far and challenged her to an English-speaking contest.

She took care of things easily, and without further ado, they started their summer homework. Things seem to be a bit different for this episode as we usually get an episode that revolves around fishing and the group having fun in the ocean. So things took a different perspective this time around. But we didn’t get that far without Koharu talking about fish and fishing. This is just a gesture to remind us that the anime’s main theme ends. And since Koharu and his friends are young characters, they’re going to have to blend into their school life, as we saw in the previous episode.

An anime like this usually explores different aspects of the characters’ lives so that we don’t end up with a lot of unknowns about the main characters. The girls reminisced about their previous fishing experiences and Koharu said she thought it would be a difficult experience for her. She is used to fishing from the shore, so it was a new experience for her, and she found it interesting and not as difficult as she had thought. Koi explained how the fishing rods work in relation to the type of fish she would get and how to use them effectively.

Where to Watch Slow Loop Episode 8 Online

You can watch episode 8 of Slow Loop online at Amazon Prime Video, bilibili and Funimation. The episode will be available on various streaming platforms around the world, with a new episode going live every Friday. The slow loop will be 12 episodes long, so we still have about five weeks of anime airing left.

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