Single’s Inferno Oh Jin Taek Reveals Feelings About Kang SoYeon


Single’s Inferno idol Oh Jin Taek recently appeared on Sunny Dahye’s YouTube channel to answer some burning questions from viewers and fans. Sunny Dahye mentions that she has never received so many questions for previous personalities she has interviewed. For those who don’t know, Oh Jin Taek was one of the contestants on the hugely popular Netflix Korean dating TV show Single’s Inferno which was released in 2021. All of the Single Inferno contestants are currently enjoying the popularity gained through the episode. Some of the couples on the show are now just friends, like An Yea Won Kim Jun Sik. Meanwhile, Moon Se Hoon has admitted that he is dating Shin Ji Yeon!

Oh jin Taek begins by introducing himself and his profession. He has a tailoring business called ASCOTTAGE. He also talks about opening a YouTube vlogging channel called “Jintaek Hyung” to satisfy the curiosities of his daily life that his fans have. He promises to come out with a variety of content such as his current hobbies, where he goes to eat, where he hangs out, and behind the scenes of photo shoots.

Inferno Oh Jin Taek from single on Kang SoYeon

When asked how he heard about Single’s Inferno, Oh Jin Taek replied, “A friend of mine talked about the cast of Single’s Inferno, and that’s how I auditioned for the show. The first and second rounds were tough. In addition to the interviews, we also had to take psychological tests like the MBTI tests. The Netflix audition was definitely more difficult than the Korean auditions.

On his first impressions of Single’s Inferno’s concept, Oh Jin Taek said, “I was happy that it was based on an uninhabited island, but also nervous because I had to do a lot of practice and exercises.

As for whether the show was scripted or not, Oh Jin Taek says, “It wasn’t scripted at all. Taek said, “I felt embarrassed every time I appeared on screen! It was embarrassing to watch myself on TV screens, especially at the end of ‘couple selection’, when I uttered the lines “beyond heaven”, I really couldn’t bear to look at myself.”

When asked to choose a woman from the show who would have attracted him even outside of the show, he replied, “Maybe Soyeon. It’s because my feelings for Soyeon were sincere from the start. “

Inferno from single Oh Jin Taek
Oh Jin Taek on Kang So Yeon | cr: SunnydahyeIN YouTube

And in fact, Sunny says 80% of the questions were about Kang Soyeon. “Are you dating/meeting Kang Soyeon?” To this, Jin Taek cryptically responds, “Kang So Yeon is someone I always want to meet.”

He confirms that the actors still stay in touch with each other. “Especially us guys, we meet and hang out quite often. And we help each other in our work, even if our professions are very varied from one another.

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Oh Jin Taek on self-care and travel

The single’s Inferno Oh Jin Taek also shared her skincare and fashion secrets, “The most important thing is sunscreen. My skin gets sensitive from being exposed to the sun without sunscreen. When it comes to clothes, I’m more confident in clothes that fit me well and are comfortable at the same time.

Some other things he revealed about himself were that he would have been a chef or a bartender if he hadn’t been in the fashion business. He wants to see Canggu in Bali again after the COVID situation improves. The Indonesian food that impressed him the most was Nasi Campur.

Inferno from single Oh Jin Taek
Inferno from single Oh Jin Taek

He recommends couple massage activities during Valentine’s Day week, as he and Soyeon also had a massage session together during their time on Single’s Inferno. He reveals that he doesn’t do much special on Valentine’s Day but prefers to do special things on birthdays or regular days instead. Hey, maybe we’ll get an update on Single’s Inferno Oh Jin Taek and Kang Soyeon on their birthdays!

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